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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 57



Samuel never thought that Nicole would be so emotional, scaring him to shake her and press her shoulder


He got panicked instantly.


Samuel called the doctor. The doctor examined Nicole and said that it's just her mood fluctuated too much. The shock caused by the excitement was okay now, but Samuel was still a little scared.


He used to be worse than this, but he didn't notice her mental capacity to be so poor. Now what the hell is going on?


“Doctor, are there any other problems with her body?”


Samuel was really worried.


The doctor shook his head and said, “Her physical fitness is not very good. I found that she may not have finished her confinement after giving birth, and her body has a lot of hidden disease and needs to be slowly nursed.”


Hearing the doctor's words, Samuel frowned slightly.


“Is it serious?”


“A lot of women's illnesses need to be slowly adjusted.”


“I see, try to take good care of her.”


Samuel walked out after speaking.


He wanted to smoke a little.


Since meeting with Nicole, the addiction seems to be growing.


Samuel put the cigarette in his hand and played with it.


When Nicole woke up, Samuel was gone, and she was relieved and thought of Lucas Bush.


“Kent, what about Lucas?”


She called Olivia directly.


Olivia said, “Lucas Bush was picked up by Samuel's assistant. It’s said that Joseph Green was looking for him, what happened?”


Nicole's heart sank all of a sudden.


It seems that Samuel is serious.


“Nothing, I am just asking.”


Nicole hung up.


She couldn't let Olivia get involved again.


“Samuel! Where are you, Samuel?”


Nicole was anxious to find Samuel, but there was no Samuel in the room.


She got out of bed in a hurry and jumped out of the ward.


As soon as Samuel and the company's executives finished talking on the phone, he saw Nicole running out hop by hop like a 

rabbit, looking very anxious.


He hurried over.


“Why are you running around with a hurt leg?”


After speaking, he didn't wait for Nicole to respond, and directly hugged Nicole and returned to the ward.


Nicole looked at Samuel in front of her and wished to slap him, but Lucas Bush was still in his hands, she couldn't be impulsive.


She didn't want to execute the first plan, but now it looks like Samuel is trying to step into the trap himself, then he shouldn't 



Thinking of this, Nicole with teeth gritted his teeth and said, “Will you let my son go if I promise to be your lover?”


Samuel stunned slightly.


This was not the answer he wanted.


He just wanted Nicole to tell him everything he wanted. He wanted Nicole to tell him the identity of Lucas Bush herself, but why she would rather be her lover, and aggrieved herself like that, rather than tell him that Lucas Bush was their child?


She didn't trust him so much?


She didn't want him to know the existence of Lucas Bush so much?




Samuel looked at Nicole but he couldn't see through the woman.


Nicole didn't dodge his eyes, and look into Samuel's eyes directly.


The eyes were stubborn and angry, forbearing but with something else.


Samuel couldn't understand, but whispered, “I can't believe to your words. What if you promised to be my woman. But if you take him away after I put your son back? *


“What the hell are you doing?”


Nicole was really anxious.


She always thought that Samuel was polite to Lucas Bush because he had a little conscience, and now it seems that everything is under his calculation. His purpose is to let Lucas


Bush relax and lead her into the trap.


Nicole's anger was raging, but she whispered, “As long as you don't hurt Lucas, I will do anything.”


This sentence made Samuel even more uncomfortable.


“You can rest assured, as long as you are satisfied with me, I will let the boy return to you, but not now. After a while, I will arrange all the teachers and students of the kindergarten to go to an isolated island for special training for a Month. If you are doing well in a month, I will let him come back. *




Nicole couldn't bear it.


“Lucas is just a four-year-old kid!”


“Joseph Green will go there, all the children in the kindergarten will go there, and the teacher will follow. What else are you worry about?”


Samuel's words directly stunned Nicole.


Kindergarten teachers will go?


In other words, Olivia will also be taken away?




Who is Samuel?


Of cause, there will be no one left to help her.


Olivia is his good friend, how could he let Olivia stay?



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