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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 58

Samuel act really fast. After talking to Nicole, a nurse came in and talked to Nicole about things that need to pay attention to.


Nicole was angry but couldn't spread it out.


He remained as overbearing as he was five years ago, and she still felt that she would be subject to him.


Nicole mastered his fists, but knew she had to compromise.


Nicole was silent during the nurse's explanation, and the atmosphere was quite depressed. The nurse left immediately after speaking.


Samuel was watching this outside, a complex emotion gliding under his eyes.


He had arranged for the maid to clean the house, and everything about Riley was sent to the beach villa. Knowing that Nicole didn't like it, there were no traces of Riley's existence at home, and the maid sprayed it with freshener from the inside out.


An hour passed quickly.


Nicole knew that she had to compromise. Whether it was for the safety of her son or for the implementation of her plan, she had to agree Samuel's request. Though knowing that, this feeling of being forced was really unacceptable.


She thought that it would be better to use one hour to ease her mood, but after an hour passed, she was still depressed and uncomfortable.


Samuel was standing outside, holding a cigarette in his hand, playing it constantly, and he could see that his mood was very complicated.


Jacob called and said the villa was ready and asked if he would come over to pick them up. Samuel suddenly didn't want to ruin the chance of two people being alone.


“No, I'll take care of it myself.”


This is the first time Samuel has dealt with such a private matter.


Jacob was a little surprised, but Samuel had hung up. Listening to the hang up sound of the phone, Jacob re-evaluated Nicole's position in Samuel's heart.


It seems that he needed to serve this woman well.


After Samuel hung up, he went to the inpatient department to pay the bill. Anything regarding Nicole, he now wanted to do it himself, but he didn't know if Nicole will give him this opportunity.


Nicole waited for a long time and didn't see Samuel. She wondered if the man suddenly changed his mind?


Such thoughts made her happy and worried. Coming back to face Samuel again, she thought about all kinds of tangles, but didn't expect it would be so difficult.


She would rather take care of everything about Samuel as fast as she can, rather than hate him in her heart, but have to let him fall in love with her, and then willingly take out what she needs.


When Samuel returned, he saw Nicole sitting there with a tangled face.


When Nicole saw him, her eyes were resentful, the kind of unwillingness that she has to yield, inexplicably pleased Samuel.




“Do you give me room to get ready?”


Nicole said with teeth gritted.


Samuel seemed to see the Nicole from a few years ago. when he first met her, she was a young girl. At that time, her admiring eyes, and he still remembers them clearly.


Once they were so young, with good emotions, how could he not see through his heart? Fortunately, it's not too late. Since God has given him another chance, he won't let go.


Now that Nicole was full of hatred, Samuel deliberately ignores it. He got up and cleaned up Nicole's stuffs, especially when he packed Nicole's underclothes, and his expression made Nicole uncomfortable.


She hasn't seen him for five years, he has become very shameless.


Nicole reluctantly followed Samuel out of the hospital. She was inconvenient due to the leg injury, and was held out by Samuel, accepting the attention of someone nearby. Nicole was inexplicably annoyed.


“Give me a crutch and I can walk by myself.”


She has a dull voice.


“I'm your crutch.”


Samuel's words came casually, but Nicole didn't appreciate it.


The two returned silently to villa.


For the first time, the housekeeper Aunt Zama saw Samuel personally hold a woman in, and this woman was particularly charming and beautiful. She remembered the previous wife Nicole, who was somewhat cowardly, and she automatically divided this woman into Those women who want to rely on Samuel. So, she put on a mean face to Catherine.


“Mr. Green, the room is ready. I cleaned up a guest room for Miss Catherine. After all, she is not Mrs. Green. after all, she cannot live in the bedroom with Mr. Green.”


Zama's words are very insistent.


She is the old man who had worked in the Green Family since Samuel was a child. At that time, Samuel’s mother didn't have enough milk, and Zama, who was specially hired, and she was also Samuel's babysitter. Although she has been a housekeeper for all these years, Samuel still respects her.


Nicole looked at this old woman who had been very good to her since she married Samuel. Her expression gets mixed for a while, and she said with a smile, “Who are you? You can make decision for the Green Family. Are you the mother of Samuel?”


This sentence made Zama really awkward.


“Miss, this is the Green Family. The Green Family has the rules. Mr. Green always lets you come in, but he doesnt give you the privilege to break the rules.”


“She has.”


Samuel finally opened his mouth, but what he said surprised Zama.


She knows Samuel's feelings for Nicole better than anyone for the past five years. Since the fire five years ago, even if Samuel sent Riley to the Green Family, he had never looked at her seriously, let alone allow Riley entered Samuel's bedroom.


Now this woman come out of nowhere suddenly came to the Green Family, and made Samuel cared so much, Zama's expression suddenly became awkward.


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