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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 61

“Uh! Ah!"


Samuel Green coughed behind her.


Nicole Bush looked back at him subconsciously, but with no expression on her face, she turned back again to continue talking on the phone.


“Okay, see you around and let's hang out together next time. I will go out to meet you.”


Nicole Bush is still chatting with Tim Louis happily.


Samuel Green's face was a little awkward.


He grabbed Nicole Bush's cell phone and hung up without saying anything.


Nicole Bush froze for a moment, and was immediately annoyed by his dictatorship.


“Samuel Green, are you crazy? This is my mobile phone! Why did you turn off my mobile phone? I'm chatting with friends.”


“Can't stop you even with a hurting leg?”


Samuel Green finished with a low voice, turned around and walked towards the kitchen, taking Nicole Bush's cell phone with him.


“Give me my phone!”


Nicole Bush is desperately annoyed.


Samuel Green said lightly, “Watch TV, watching TV is good for your body and mind.”




Nicole Bush shouted directly.


Samuel Green was stunned.


He suddenly turned and looked at Nicole Bush.


The previous Nicole Bush always looked like a lady in front of him. Not to mention swearing, she didn't even speak loudly. Did she change? Or is this what she really is?


Samuel Green thinks that such a Nicole Bush is much more interesting now, at least it is lively and real. Though the previous Nicole Bush is nice and kind, but she always lacks a little bit of her own characteristics.


He suddenly smiled and said, “Come on, show me where the bullshit is.”


This sentence choked Nicole Bush directly.


This nasty man!


How did he become so shameless?


She's sure that no one dare to swear to him, how could he not angry?


Samuel Green was not angry, but Nicole Bush couldn't be angrier. She picked up the TV remote control and turned on the TV resentfully, as if she had an animosity with the TV. She switch to a random TV to watch.


Zama was somewhat annoyed at the interaction between them, but seeing Samuel Green smiling, she couldn't say anything.


For the past five years, Samuel Green has been a completely walking dead, and now he finally smiles a little, she doesn't dare to make comments.


Samuel Green returned to the kitchen and started cooking other meals.


Nicole Bush's attention was not on the TV at all. It seemed to be attracted by something. From time to time, she looked at the position of the kitchen, and gradually got lost in her thought.


Everything seems to have returned to many years ago, so unreal, but so lingering.


When she realized what she was thinking, Nicole Bush snapped back, cursing herself that she got fooled by Samuel Green again.


Although this man has a fancy look, so what? Underneath his attractive appearance is a dirty ambition, a ruthless heart!


Nicole Bush turned her head around, got up subconsciously, and jumped to the bathroom, familiar with the path.


When Zama saw her get up, she had planned to help, but when she notice that Nicole was so familiar with everything in the Green Family, even the hidden lights in the bathroom. She was stunned.


“Sir, how could she be so familiar with our Green Family?”


Samuel Green glanced back and thoughtfully said, “Don't ask that much, just take care of her.”


After he finished speaking, he seemed to remember something and called Jacob Brown directly.


“Get me a wheelchair, I need the best one, the highly intelligent one.”


Zama looked at Samuel Green and didn't speak anymore, but was full of doubts about Nicole Bush.


Nicole Bush stayed in the bathroom for a while. When she came out, she saw Jacob Brown pushing in a wheelchair.


“Designer Catherine, Mr. Green asked me to provide you with a wheelchair. You have been inconvenienced due to you injury. You can use this temporarily.”


“Thank you.”


Nicole Bush took it over with no politeness, and sat down to try it, and it felt quite smooth.


Samuel Green felt much better when he saw she like the wheelchair.


“Wash your hands and let's have launch.”


Samuel Green brought out the food, but this move shocked Jacob Brown.


“Mr. Green, you cook all this meal?”


He has followed Samuel Green for many years and never knew that Samuel Green would actually cook!


Samuel Green didn't answer him, just got across him and pushed Nicole Bush into the bathroom.


“Everything is here, you can tell Zama anything you need, she will take care of it.”




Nicole Bush answered him, quickly washed his hands, and was pushed back to the table by Samuel Green.


The dining table remained the same as five years ago, even where she was sitting.



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