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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 65

Samuel Green didn't want to think so much, but he couldn't control himself, as if a devil had lived in his body, and force he become didn't even know himself.


When the car drove to the gate of the Royal Garden, he did see Tim Louis's arrogant Ferrari, and the red color were dazzling. The most dazzling thing was that Nicole Bush and Tim Louis were sitting at the window, eating and laughing. Holding something. As he can see, Nicole Bush is in a good mood.


He didn't know what Tim Louis say to Nicole, Nicole Bush lowered her head and chuckled, she gently touched her injured leg, the movement was not obvious, but Samuel Green saw it.


He frowned slightly and called Jacob Brown immediately.


“Send me a thin blanket to the gate of Royal Garden.”


Jacob Brown is now somewhat immune to Samuel Green's orders. After all, he has been surprised and experienced a lot, and his ability of surprise has also increased a lot.


Jacob Brown quickly brought the thin blanket.


Samuel Green whispered, “Get in and cover her legs. Her leg injury hasn't healed yet. The weather in the morning is a bit cold, and her legs can't stand it.”


Jacob Brown was a little surprised.




Samuel Green gave him a cold look, his eyes sharp.


Jacob Brown felt innocent.


Isn't it sweet for Samuel Green to take the quilt in?


Moreover, Nicole Bush and Tim Louis are talking and laughing together, shouldn't he go to make them stop? Or to declare that she is his woman?


Jacob Brown couldn't see through Samuel Green, but he didn't dare to refute it. He deflated his mouth and walked in with the thin blanket, but he then suddenly remembered something, he paused, and said with a little depress, “Mr. Green I really didn’t know that Catherine knows Tim Louis. In this way, the company's confidential documents...”


“This is over. Let go of this matter”


Samuel Green spoke suddenly.


Jacob Brown was stunned.


“Mr. Green, that is our biggest deal in recent years. Isn't it so easy for Tim Louis? You can't keep a woman like Catherine around!”


“When did I allow you to interfere with my business?”


Samuel Green's voice was low, with irresistible serious.


Jacob Brown closed his mouth, but he still thinks bad about Nicole Bush.




Samuel Green saw Nicole Bush touch his thigh again and couldn't help but whisper.


Reluctantly, Jacob Brown walked in and handed the thin blanket to Nicole Bush in front of everyone.


“Mr. Green said, your leg injury hasn't healed yet, the weather is cold in the morning, so he arranged for me to send you a thin blanket.”


Jacob Brown said very bluntly.


Nicole Bush and Tim Louis both froze.


They looked out subconsciously and happened to see Samuel Green rolling his window up.


Tim Louis chuckled and laughed.


“Catherine, you are really charming. This Mr. Green is always a legendary iceberg. He came to send you a blanket for you. The most important thing is that he saw you are staying with me, but he didn't rush in to take you away! This one is not like Samuel Green I know.”


Not to mention Tim Louis, Nicole Bush also felt a little surprised.


Not to mention how Samuel Green would find here, but to judge his current behavior, this is indeed not like his previous style.


If this was the previous Samuel Green, he would rush in without hesitation, directly pulling her away, and it is impossible to let her stay here with Tim Louis and continue eating and drinking.


That is simply impossible!


But now Nicole Bush doesn't think she can eat anymore.


In front of him, Jacob Brown stared at her as if she had cheated on Samuel, and Samuel Green was waiting outside. He indeed didn't come in, but he was waiting for her to finish eating outside. How could this feeling be so awkward?


Nicole Bush put down the chopsticks.


Tim Louis was a little surprised and said, “Are you going to leave now? We haven't talked anything yet!”


Nicole Bush shrugged and said, “He is now my boss, the one pay my salary, do you think I can continue to eat with you now?”


“Really disappointed!”


Tim Louis was obviously disappointed, but he turned to smile and said, “Tomorrow there will be an auction, just come with me.”


“That depends on time, I probably have time, after all, I am now a patient.”


Nicole Bush did not give Tim Louis an accurate answer.


She took a step back and covered the thin blanket on her lap, not intending to grieve herself.


The weather of the Seapolis City was still clear to her, but she didn't expect she became so unable to resist the frost after being injured. Just now she was really a little bit couldn't bear the air conditioning inside, and was embarrassed to say anything to the restaurant manager for herself.


Seeing Nicole Bush cover her legs, Tim Louis realized what happen.


“You feel cold? Why don't you tell me? It's also my carelessness, I will pay attention next time.”


Tim Louis was regretted.


Nicole Bush said with a smile, “It's okay, it's not too cold, it's just a leg injury, and I can't stand the air-conditioning. I will prepare in advance next time.”


“Then, that's a deal, we will have date.”


Tim Louis took the opportunity and invite her.


Nicole Bush knows that he wanted something from her. Just because she is BJ's car designer for a few days, and Tim Louis is Samuel Green's rival, he will be very interested in her, not to mention Tim Louis is a playboy.


But she knows that Tim Louis is a playboy but not a nasty one. He is actually quite gentleman.


“I'll make an appointment next time.”



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