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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 67

Samuel Green missed the way she behaved like a lady.


He gave Nicole Bush a subconscious look, and found the blush on her face, and all the depression and discomfort in her heart were suddenly swept away, as if time had returned to five years ago, back to that Nicole Bush, who think of him in the first place and love him whole-heartedly.


Samuel Green's eyes are a little soft, and even the corners of her lips are slightly raised, obviously in a good mood.


The hall manager saw Samuel Green's subtle changes, and said with comprehension, “There is a presidential suite, and I will lead Mr. Green there”


“By the way, prepare some food that is easy to digest and delicious.”


Samuel Green remembered that Nicole Bush and Tim Louis came out to have breakfast, but they didn't seem to eat much, so he casually ordered.


Not to mention that the lobby manager has never seen Samuel Green bring a woman to the hotel. Judging from Samuel Green's attitude and that gentle eyes, she knew that this woman was absolutely important to Samuel Green.


Although she didn't see Nicole Bush's face clearly, the hall manager understood the rules and simply led Samuel Green to the elevator.


Nicole Bush breathed out with a long sigh of relief until they entered the elevator, but the hand pulling Samuel Green's front was a little wet.


Sensing her nervousness, Samuel Green was suddenly happy.


It seems that this is the first time she came to the hotel to do such a thing.


This perception made him feel better.


Neither of them spoke along the way.


Nicole Bush only felt that Samuel Green's body temperature was scarily hot. She wanted to withdraw her hand but meanwhile she was afraid of falling. She could only lean on his chest and listen to his strong heartbeat, but she felt nervous without noticing.


After entering the room, Samuel Green put her on the bed and unfastened the collar of his shirt, revealing his strong collarbone.


Nicole Bush only felt that the air in the room was a little hot. She subconsciously went to find the air conditioner remote control, but Samuel Green lowered the air conditioner a step ahead.


“Would you like to take a shower first? they will bring some food here after a while, we will eat something first, so that we won't be hungry later.”


Samuel Green said it easily, but Nicole Bush was very nervous.


Not to mention eating, she can't do anything.


It's strange to say that she had done this with Samuel Green before, but why is she so nervous now?


What happened to the pounding voice?


She felt her heart almost jumping out of her throat.


Nicole Bush didn't dare to look directly at Samuel Green's eyes, and she didn't even know where to put her hands and feet.


She told herself to relax, relax! It's not that she hadn't done it, it’s just changed a place, and they hadn't done it for five years, but the scenes that she used to slept with Samuel Green suddenly appear in her mind. These scenes suddenly jumped out in her mind after five years, making her a little unbearable.


“I'm going to take a shower first.”


Nicole Bush stood up and wanted to go by herself, but was picked up by Samuel Green at the next moment.


“Your legs are still injured. I'll hold you in. And your legs can't get wet. Are you sure you don't need my help?”


“No need to!”


Nicole Bush's refusal was quick, and she seemed even more nervous.


Samuel Green loves the way Nicole Bush looks now, he didn't bother her. Put her on the tub and filled up the bathtub. After setting the right water temperature, he said, “You can’t take a bath, you can't take a shower, just wash it by the tub. Call me when you are done, I ‘Il come in and take you out. The floor is wet and slippery, be careful.”


“Got it, get out quickly.”


Nicole Bush never knew that Samuel Green could be so considerate and gentle. It was her who prepare the bath water for him before?


But now he was so attentive and considerate suddenly, she was not used to it in the contrary, and wished he disappeared immediately.


Looking at Nicole Bush's blushing face, Samuel Green left the bathroom with a smirk and shut the door.


There was a knock on the door outside, and the waiter brought the food.


Samuel Green let people put things down and left.


It's quiet outside.


Nicole Bush listened for a while closely, and subconsciously wanted to lock the bathroom door. Later, she thought, she had to open the door later. Besides, Samuel Green is a person who is determined to do whatever he says. By the way, even if she took a lifetime to hide in the bathroom, she needed to get out eventually.


Having figured this out, Nicole Bush tried to take a deep breath, but she couldn't calm herself down.


Her mind was full of Samuel Green's fatless body, the powerful sprint, and the kind of wildness that sweat drenched his body.


Thinking about it, Nicole Bush's body was a little hot, and her face was burning badly.


She suddenly threw a handful of cold water at her face.


Although she hadn't had sex for five years, it is not need to remember this so clearly?


Besides, why is she thinking this?


Did she really want to continue to have relationship with him?


Although this man is very combative and fascinated by women, he is also ruthless, isn't he?


Nicole Bush keeps talking to herself, but still has no way to calm herself.


After minutes and seconds, there’s no sound from the bathroom.


Samuel Green was a little worried.


Nicole Bush's legs are inconvenient, will something happen to her?


He got up and came to the bathroom door, knocked on the door and asked, “Nicole, are you okay?”


Nicole Bush shuddered suddenly, subconsciously saying, “It's okay.”


She knew she couldn't hide, she took off her clothes helplessly, washed herself, and wrapped herself in a bath towel and wrapped it up firmly. Then she whispered, “I'm fine, you take me out.”


At this moment she was still tense.


Samuel Green opened the bathroom door and saw Nicole Bush glowing like a lotus just grow out of the water. Five years did not leave any traces on her body, but added a feminine charm of maturity.


There was a tightness in his throat, and there was a pain in some part of his body.


This is his woman!


Samuel Green quickly stepped forward, and the rich masculine atmosphere directly filled Nicole Bush's nasal cavity, triggering every cell in her body to jump and scream, the familiar feelings from five years ago all came out as if there were no barriers.



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