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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 7

Lucas arranged the timeline in his head.

His eyes dimmed.

Joseph was older than him and Samuel was the father. A child that was 4 months older than him and it was rft his mom that gave birth to Joseph.

lt could only mean one thing!

lt meant that Samuel was cheating on his mom! It meant that Samuel bullied his mom!

Lucas beautiful eyes were filled with rage. He wished he could burn Samuel to death through the screen.

It seemed like the little prank he pulled at the airport was too mild.

Lucas took out a spy camera from his pocket and connected it to the computer. He quickly changed the IP address and then he posted the video of him peeing on Samuel's face on the internet.

Lucas smiled after finishing his deed.

How did he dare to accuse his mom of having a lover? He could now see for himself, how did it feel like to be on headlines!

After he was done, Lucas looked up more about .Joseph. He found out that Joseph was also enrolled in Olivia's kindergarten.

lt wasrft so bad after all, coming to the kindergarten in Seapolis City.

Lucas smirked craftily and cleared his trace before turning off the computer. He then stood up and helped Nicole to unpack her luggage.

lt was a bit hard for him to hang the clothes into the cupboard due to his small stature.

Lucas looked at his short legs vexedly and swore to himself that he would eat more so that he could grow up big and strong. That way he could protect his mom.

He moved a chair in front of the cupboard. He stepped on the chair and successfully hung his and Nicoles clothes into the cupboard.

He then heard sounds from the outside. lt seemed like Olivia was back.

“Nicole, you're here? Let me look at you, did you lose weight in the past 5 years?”

Olivia walked up and hugged Nicole tightly, her eyes reddened.

“Silly, lm here and I'm all nice and dandy. don't cry.”

Nicole was also feeling a surge of emotions inside.

“All nice and dandy? You call this all nice and dandy? But okay, dorft leave anymore after this. l'm here and l'll take good care of you.”

“Yes, please take care of me. I won't be leaving anytime soon, I have to stay here for at least half a year for a collaboration project that will be carried out here. Stop crying, let's go meet my son.”

Nicole held Olivia's hand and they walked to Nicole's room.

“Lucas, say hi to Olivia."

Lucas was hanging the clothes tippy-toed when Nicole opened the door. He turned around abruptly when he heard Nicole's voice. His centre of gravity shifted and he fell off the chair.

“Watch out”

Nicole took a big stride and wanted to catch him, but Olivia was faster and Lucas was already in her arms. But they both fell onto the ground due to the inertia.

Olivia was a teacher and hence she unconsciously rushed up to protect Lucas. Olivia didn't want to let go of this small and soft body, not to mention that Lucas had a porcelain doll-like face. Olivia started to shriek in excitement.

“Oh my god, Nicole, your son is so handsome!”

She then kissed Lucas on the cheek.


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