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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 70

Samuel Green looked at this nanny who had watched him grown up since he was a child. He couldn't be so cruel, but thinking how Nicole Bush hadn't eaten in the morning, and whispered, “No, I just think you are relatively strange to her, you can do the work you are familiar with. Besides, she is the designer I invited. She has to concentrate on the design drawings recently, so you don’t need to disturb her.”


When he was finished, Samuel Green turned and left.


Zama was a little angry. She looked at Nicole Bush's room, and she was very uncomfortable.


This woman must have said something bad to Samuel Green, otherwise how could Samuel Green treat herself like this?


In the past, he would let her take care of everything in the family, but now he actually put in someone for Catherine. For Zama, this is a kind of provocation and humiliation.


She hated Nicole Bush.


Nicole Bush knows nothing about these things. She only knows that when she returns to the room, Samuel Green says that Lucas Bush will talk to her for a while. She can't wait to know if her son is good or not. She doesn't want to know too much anything.


It didn't take long for Lucas Bush 's video to be posted.


Nicole Bush quickly connected.




When Lucas Bush's happy face appeared in the video, Nicole Bush smiled happily.


“How do you do? Have you adapted the life there?”


“It's all okay, this is a remote island, but there is a training base here. Mommy, I tell you, the training base here is real! Just like in the movie, everything is real. Wow ON! It’s so cool!”


Lucas Bush was excited.


It can tell that he likes there.


Nicole Bush knows that her son likes these military things as soon as he was born, probably this is with Samuel Green. It is said that when he joined the army, he did serve the country well. If Mrs. Green had not forced him to return to inheritance, perhaps now Samuel Green is probably a major general.


Seeing her son is so happy, Nicole Bush's heart finally eased.


“As long as you are happy, pay attention to safety, no matter what kind of training, you have to focus on safety, understand?”


“Got it, Mommy. You don't have to worry about me, I 'll take care of myself. It's you that make me worried, how is your leg? Is it better? I think you don't seem to be in the hospital, are you come back to Aunt Kent 's house? But no one takes care of you, can you take care of yourself alone? Mommy, do you want hire a nurse?”


Lucas Bush is like a little grown up, and he talks a lot, and Nicole Bush just feels warm in her heart.


“Little kiddo, you are only four years old, and you don't have to worry about our adult affairs. I just want to tell you now that you spend your time having fun that belongs to your age, and mommy will take care of myself”


“Got it mommy. I miss you so much!”


Lucas Bush suddenly became coquettish, and the small chubby face beeped, he was so cute.


Originally, he looked very delicate and like a porcelain doll, but he likes to pretend to be grown-up, and now he went there. It seems that the child's nature has been triggered. This kind of childlike make Nicole Bush sad.


“Mummy misses you too. When Mummy waits for you to return triumphantly, Mummy will cook fantastic food for you!”


“Really? I want to eat sweet and sour carp made by mommy!”


Lucas Bush jumped happily.


“Okay! Anything you want to eat is for you.”


Nicole Bush now wants to give Lucas Bush the best things in the world.


At this moment, a little boy similar to Lucas Bush ran over.


“Boss, what are you doing here? We are going to start naming outside. Huh? Who is this beautiful sister? Boss, do you actually have a girlfriend?”


Joseph Green asked in a silly voice, very curious about Nicole Bush.


Lucas Bush frowned slightly and took the phone aside.


“Get out of here! This is my mummy! You go first and tell the instructor I will go immediately.”


“Oh, okay.”


Joseph Green didn't care about Lucas Bush's attitude towards him, he grinned at the video before he ran out.


“Auntie Beauty, my name is Joseph Green! I'm a fellow of the boss! When we go back, I want to go to your house to eat the delicious food made by aunt!”


“Get out! I won't give you anything my mom made!”


Lucas Bush was quite speechless to Joseph Green's shameless behavior.


Nicole Bush was stunned.


Is this Joseph Green?


Is this the son that Riley George gave birth to?


He and Lucas Bush really look a bit similar.


Nicole Bush's mood is very complicated, but the child is innocent. She sees that Joseph Green is really good to Lucas Bush. Lucas Bush hates Joseph Green, but he has a little worry in his eyes.


After all, family is more important, isn't it?


Even if it was not born by the same mother, that kind of affection is constant.


Nicole Bush is very contradictory.


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