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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 73

Originally Nicole planned to calm down, and did not plan to have any conflict with the previous people. Moreover, she did not want to make enemies, but apparently Zama did not think so.


After changing her face, it seemed that she had changed her identity. Zama no longer treated her as a wife of the Green family, but treated her as if she was a slut woman taken by Samuel from outside.


Petty still want to say something, but was stopped by Nicole.


"Zama, I forgot to tell you. I called Samuel just now, and I haven't hung up yet.”


With that saying, Nicole put the phone in her pocket, turned around and pushed the wheelchair back to the room.


Zama was dumbfounded.




Mr. Green heard everything she said?


Zama was tense instantly.


She quickly called Samuel, but Samuel's cell phone was always busy.


Zama was completely scared.




Samuel would definitely blame her.


This abominable Catherine was really so bitchy!


Zama stared at Nicole's back bitterly, her vicious eyes were not concealing at all.


Nicole didn't care, as long as she won't be disturbed temporarily.


Petty went to cook at Nicole's instructions.


Samuel had not returned to the Green Family since that day and seems to have been sleeping in the company.


After ten days of salvation by the Eternal Group, those losses were reduced to a minimum, and Samuel had gotten a huge bill for the company, which directly pulled back the loss of data leakage, leaving the shareholders of the board hade no excuse to blame him.


After ten days of recuperation, Nicole's legs were recovered. After the doctor's reexamination, the doc said they were all good.


During these ten days, although the Green Family seemed calm on the surface, Nicole knew that Petty and Zama had secretly made many moves, but unfortunately the two were evenly matched, and no one could suppress the other.


For Nicole, this had no effect on her.


Lucas Bush still video with her every night.


This kid was tanned, but he had become much more outgoing, and she could tell that he liked the special training over there, and Joseph had also followed Lucas


Bush to make video calls these days. He was also a pretty lively and cute child.


Now that he could finally get rid of the wheelchair, Nicole was very happy. She couldn't wait to get out and breathe some fresh air.


Continue to stay in the Green Family, it was estimated that she would be suffocated.


Nicole changed a set of casual clothes, and as soon as she walked out of the room. Petty walked in from the outside.


"Did Ms. Bush want to go out?"


"Well, I want to go for a walk, what's wrong?"


Nicole's attitude towards Petty in the past ten days was neither too close nor too cold, but Petty didn't care too much about it. She respectfully said, "Nothing, where is Ms. Bush going? I'll drive.”


"I want to walk alone.’


Nicole was not used to walk with someone following.


But Petty insisted.


"Ms. Bush, I have a low sense of presence. Mr. Green brought me here just to protect you. Please allow me to follow you."


Petty said very sincerely.


Nicole didn't want to bother her so she let Petty go to drive the car.


Zama was still like a rat in a gutter, waiting for opportunities to commit something in the dark.


Nicole pretended not seeing her and went out directly with Petty.


The weather was good, and it felt even better to step on the ground with both feet.


Nicole and Petty drove to the beach, but they didn't expect to meet Tim here.


Since the last division, Tim had never seen Nicole. Now he saw Nicole here. Nicole was hesitating whether to say hello, but Tim suddenly found Nicole.


“Ah, beauty! I really miss you!"


Tim opened his arms and ran towards Nicole.


Petty frowned slightly and stepped forward subconsciously, stopping Tim directly.


Tim was caught off guard and couldn't stop himself. The whole person rushed into Petty's arms. The next moment, he was thrown directly by Petty.


"Holly shirt! Where did such a brutal woman come from?"


Tim was shattered and got really pissed.


Nicole was a little sorry, but she laughed when she saw Tim's funny look.


Tim was almost crying out.


"Catherine, I was treated like this and you are still laughing. Are you afraid of hurting me?”


Tim exaggeratedly looked like a beauty holding his chest and this made Nicole laugh out again.


"Okay, okay, don't act like a fool, so many people are watching, do you want to hold your identity as a master of the Louis Family?"


Nicole stepped forward and pulled up Tim.


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