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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 77

Nicole certainly knew what Macon Joe thought of her. She was too familiar with this kind of look. She also knew that Macon Joe was bound to tell Samuel everything here, but so what?


She didn't care it at all.


Although Samuel was dealing with the mess for her now, that's because he owed her and their children. All of these couldn't be compensated by these things.


Nicole turned to look at Macon Joe and asked lightly, "Where is Lucas Bush?"


Samuel told the soldiers about the situation in advance, and specifically told them to focus on training Lucas Bush. So, when Nicole asked about Lucas Bush, Macon Joe said without hesitation, "In the camp, please follow me."


Nicole followed Macon Joe and left.


"Beauty, don't forget me!"


Tim said with a sad face, and the expression just made Nicole didn't know whether she should cry or laugh, as if she was really an ungrateful, irresponsible person.


"Got it, hurry back, Samuel may want to go against you.”


Nicole waved her hand and turned away.


Tim's eyes narrowed.


Samuel would not give up the opportunity to set him up!


Now that such a good opportunity was in front of him, he would definitely let the trouble go to someone else...


Although he had thought about this for a long time, Tim did not regret it.


He looked at Nicole and smiled.


This favor was what Nicole owed him, the worse he was, the more Nicole would be sympathetic with him.


Tim turned and took out the phone and called his secretary.


"How is the situation at the Seapolis City?”


He asked casually, but the expression in his eyes was very serious and condensed.


The secretary heard Tim's voice and whispered, "Mr. Louis, please come back quickly. The master is very angry now. Many people said that they saw you kicking Mrs. Don, and now the Don Family came to us and threaten the master to surrender you. This matter is not easy to deal with. You know, the Don Family is a hero family of the three generations. We, the Louis Family, can't afford to offend them. How can you...”


Although the secretary didn't say anything later, Tim also understood.


When he kicked that old lady, he didn't expect that such an old lady who came out to blackmail them was actually the old lady of the Don Family, a character similar to the ancient Hera.


The people of Don Family were loyal, and all the males had sacrificed their lives for the country. There was only one little son with a broken leg be the heir of the Don Family. And this legendary Mr. Don had served the family for three generation. Why would she do such a horrible thing?


And it seemed that she was coming for Nicole!


Tim frowned tightly.


"Did Samuel say anything?"


Although Tim thought of this result, he asked unwillingly.


The secretary paused and said, "The Green Family personally went to the Don Family to apologize. They said that their designer was accidentally on the spot and she didn't have time to save Mrs. Don. After watching you kick Mrs. Don, she was taken away by you, Mr. Louis, you have overdone so many things this time.”


If in the past, the secretary dared not say so, but now this situation was really tricky.


Tim sneered and said, "Samuel's trick is really mean. As long as God doesn't wake the old lady up, I have to carry this responsibility.”


"So it's not Mr. Louis that kicked Mrs. Don?"


The secretary came up to life immediately.


Tim smiled and said, "I did kick her, so many people saw it.”


"Mr. Louis, you ...”


"Spread the world that Catherine is my girlfriend, the girlfriend of Tim. Mrs. Don wants to harass my girlfriend. As a boyfriend, I must protect my woman. Since this is the case, Samuel wants to let me carry the responsibility, I have to get myself some benefits.”


Tim finished with an evil smile.


The secretary suddenly froze.


"Girlfriend? Mr. Louis, why are you...”


"Do as I said, don't worry about other things. Tell the master, I will go back tomorrow. I came to Samuel's base today, and I have to leave something for him to avoid turning me in so easily and so granted."


Tim finished talking and hung up the phone, then sneered at the base.


There were soldiers on guard all around. When they saw Tim acting like this, they looked at him with extreme vigilance. There was no way. Tim and Samuel had a huge conflict since they were young. They were all afraid.


Tim blew a whistle, and then left happily.


Macon Joe was relieved when he knew that Tim had left.


Nicole could not help but smile with the corner of her mouth when she saw him unburdened.


"He's just a playboy. Is he worth your time?"


When Macon Joe heard Nicole say this, he shook his head and said, "You didn't know that Tim was not just a playboy. He was able to break into the enemy alone and rescued a dozen comrades when he was serving the army. I don't know why he just couldn't get along with Mr. Green, it has always been like this, and it brought us a lot of trouble after retiring.”


Nicole was a bit surprised to hear Macon Joe say this.


She couldn't tell, Tim still had this ability.


"What about Mr. Green? Has him been a soldier?"


Nicole heard about it a little bit, but she didn't ask him about it. After all, Samuel never said anything about that time.


It is now known from Tim that Samuel is still a reserve sergeant after retiring. She cannot help but want to know his past more clearly.


Macon Joe did not hide the information from her.


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