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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 78

Joseph didn't expect Nicole to ask himself, but he nodded subconsciously, "My mum is very busy, and she only treats me a little bit better when Daddy returns home, she will never act like you. And she never hugged me like this. Auntie, can you hug me?"


With saying, Joseph stretched his arm towards Nicole.


This time Nicole froze.


Why was it so awkward to be asked to hug by the son of enemy?


Before she made a move, Lucas Bush turned him down for her.


"Hello, Joseph, what are you doing? This is my mummy! My mummy's arms belong to me only, don't think about it, and get out of here."


Lucas Bush pushed Joseph aside.


Joseph's small mouth grumbled and said, “You are my good friend, and your mommy is my mommy. What's wrong with hugging?"


"Hey, what the hell is ‘my mommy is your mommy’? You are not a poor kid without mommy, go home to find your mommy if you want to hug her. My mommy is mine!"


Lucas Bush finished hugging Nicole tightly. It seemed that he was really afraid that Nicole would be taken away by Joseph. The nervousness make Nicole touched again.


"Okay, Joseph is just playing with you. Don't be so stingy with your friend."


Nicole comforted Lucas Bush, and unexpectedly she didn't feel awkward about Joseph.


After all, he was just a child, isn't he?


Lucas Bush hugged her thigh tightly and said, "No! Although you are my friend, it's impossible to share everything. Mommy is mine, and I won't let anyone touch you!"


Looking at Lucas Bush's possessive look, Nicole laughed.


"Well, that's fine.”


Lucas Bush smiled.


Joseph said bitterly, "Lucas is so stingy.”


“I'm stingy, so what's the matter? Beat me if you are pissed! If I win, I will let my Mommy hug you."


Lucas Bush provoked Joseph particularly arrogantly.


As soon as Nicole was about to speak of the thinking of solidarity and friendship, he heard Joseph snort and said, "Come on and fight, do you think I am afraid of you? Come on!"


He rolled up his sleeves directly, yelling and ran towards Lucas Bush.


Nicole was a little ignorant.


What's the matter with fighting?


Arent they brothers?


"Lucas, Joseph.”


Nicole wanted to stop, but Lucas Bush let go.


"Mommy, you just look at us. You can check out my training results over the past few days."




Nicole hadn't reacted yet. Lucas Bush had already come up to Joseph, quickly skipped Joseph's attack, and then threw Joseph over a shoulder.


With a bang, Nicole felt a pain in her body.


Dust splashed on the ground, and Joseph's body fell hard on the ground.


Nicole thought Joseph would cry. Unexpectedly, the child seemed to be really irritated at this time. He ignored whether there was dirt on his body, he immediately got up and attacked Lucas Bush again.


"Ah! Lucas Bush, I'm going to beat you!"


Joseph shouted and rushed towards Lucas Bush.


Lucas Bush sneered and said, "Beat me, I will give you the extra meal at noon today, and let my mum hug you. If you can't beat me, your extra meal at noon will be mine today.’


"What the hell is that?"


Joseph couldn't think of any words just shouting to Lucas and rush towards Lucas Bush.


Nicole saw that Lucas Bush was not struggling at all to fight with Joseph. He even had a bit of ease. Wasn't it too bullying to Joseph?


She thought about how to persuade her son, but Macon Joe whispered, "Before Lucas Bush came, the master's fighting skills were quite good. Unfortunately, Lucas Bush is a genius and he knows all fighting skills with a little inspiration. He now overtakes the master a lot more. If Lucas Bush joins the army in the future, he will be a good soldier.’


Hearing Macon Joe saying this, Nicole froze.


She didn't even think about letting her son join the army.


"He will have his own way to go in the future.”


Nicole whispered.


Lucas Bush was bound to follow her back to the United States. Even if he won't create his own business, he would not join the army. After all, she never thought of letting her son join the army abroad, and she still had some personal thinking.


It was so dangerous to be a soldier now, and her son has experienced untold hardships before he was born. She was finally able to grow healthier. She could not let her son get out of his sight.


Macon Joe looked at Nicole a bit unexpectedly and didn't understand what Nicole meant, but said with a smile, “Indeed, he has his own way to go."


The meaning of the two people was completely different, but at this moment no one spoke.


The contest between Joseph and Lucas Bush became more unequal.


Joseph was almost overwhelmed by Lucas Bush, but Joseph was also stubborn, no matter how many times he was knocked down, he still stood up and fought back again.


Nicole was somewhat distressed by this unacceptable personality.


Who did this child inherit this personality?


Samuel has always been the arrogant of heaven, and rarely saw him being stumped by something, and rarely saw Samuel failing, so she didn't know if Samuel would have such perseverance, but from Joseph, Nicole did see this advantage.


He was not like Riley, really!


Not only did they look different, but also he didn't have the personality like Riley.



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