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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 80

Lucas Bush was a little unhappy.


Why Joseph was so troublesome after the mom comes?


"Mommy, you are mine!"


Lucas Bush hugged Nicole's arm tightly, making Nicole somewhat speechless.


"Mommy has always been yours, but don't you think Joseph lacks love?"


"That has nothing to do with us, he has his mummy!"


Lucas Bush knew who Joseph's mother was, and she had no interest in that woman.


Seeing him like this, Nicole didn't say anything.


Olivia Kent took Nicole and Lucas Bush to the cafeteria for launch.


Nicole didn't know what the so-called extra meal was. Until he saw Joseph giving Lucas Bush two big chicken legs unwillingly, he kept staring at the big chicken legs as if he could eat them just by staring like this.


Lucas Bush took it with carelessness and put it in Nicole's bowl. He proudly said, "Mommy, your son has earned them for you. 


Eat it quickly. There will be only such a delicious meal at noon in one day."


He said that he took a big bite of chicken drumstick, and his mouth was full of oil.


Joseph couldn't help but swallow his rice.


Although he was the heir of the Green Family, the Green Family was not lack of chicken leg, but after coming here, in addition to the chicken leg at noon, he couldn't even stand the meal here. The food here couldn't be simpler, and the taste was not as good and delicious as the cook made at home.


He thought that the big chicken legs at noon could temporarily satisfy his appetite, but since he has been here, Lucas Bush had bullied him in various ways and dominated his chicken legs. He had been more and more frustrated and brave, but today he was really hungry.


Looking at Joseph's greedy face, Nicole smiled and handed the chicken legs in his bowl to Joseph.




Joseph was stunned, and subconsciously looked at Lucas Bush.


Lucas Bush frowned tightly.


"Mommy, this is what I earned for you. Besides, he admitted that he lost the game.”


"Lucas, you have to learn about how to forgive people. Although Mummy knows that you are inspiring Joseph, but the oppressive suppression is not the behavior of a wise person. It should be relaxed and generous. Moreover, this is a chicken leg given to me by you. Mommy has the right to distribute it freely, isn't it?"


Nicole didn't want to spoil Joseph. After all, he was the son of Riley, but she was soft-hearted.


Looking at Joseph's longing eyes, she seemed to see Zoe.


The same charming eyes, similar appearance, but different lives and fate, this may be the arrangement of God, but how innocent was the child?


Nicole's words silenced Lucas Bush.


Joseph also looked at Lucas Bush, as if he didn't speak, he wouldnt eat chicken legs, although he wanted to eat it.


After a while, Lucas Bush whispered, "My mummy gave it to you, you can eat it, but your training today will increase by one hour. You can't match my physical fitness, you can only work hard. No heirs can be wayward or lazy."




Joseph immediately smiled happily, turning around and holding Nicole coquettishly and saying, "Auntie, thank you, I will definitely work harder.”


"That's good!"


Being embraced by Joseph, Nicole had another feeling, different from his son's arms, and different from her daughter's coquettishness, but it filled her heart with a special feeling for no reason, full and warm.


Joseph ate chicken drums happily, Lucas Bush smiled too, and the two boys were noisy, but also lively.


Olivia Kent looked at this scene and said something complicatedly, "Actually, you can use Joseph's feelings for you to turn against Riley."


“I'm not that mean. I'm a mother. Although Riley is guilty of sin, the kid is innocent."


"You are still so kind, but this is not good to deal with Samuel.”


Olivia Kent was worried.


Nicole's eyes narrowed slightly.


"Relax, I won't show him mercy.’


The lunch was harmonious and happy.


In the afternoon, the children and the teacher continued their training. Nicole was fine. After visiting the base, she got a call from Samuel.


The scenery here was pretty good, accompanied by good friends and sons. In fact, Nicole was still very happy, if Samuel did not call.


But she did not escape from it, and answered Samuel's call.


“Are you still used to on the island?"


There was a trace of fatigue in Samuel's voice.


"It's OK."


Nicole's formulaic answerer didn't have much emotion.


Samuel rubbed her temples and knew that she didn't want to hear his voice very much, but now he just wanted to hear her voice.


"I've been to the old lady's house now, and it's fine for now, but I have to wait for the old lady to wake up. In the past few days, please stay on the island for a few days. Then I will pick you up in person.”




Since listening to Olivia Kent's explanation that this may be related to Samuel, Nicole had no guilt about him.


It was because she was too soft-hearted that she let herself set into her own trap now. She could no longer repeat the same mistakes.


"Have you seen Lucas? How do you feel?”


Samuel heard her perfunctory, but he just wanted to hear her voice. When she left, Samuel felt as if the time had become longer.


If it weren't possible to walk away, he really wanted to fly over.


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