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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 88

"Nicole, is my death the only way to make you turn back? Is making me suffer the pain you suffered the only method to make you believe that I really loved you? If this is what you want, my life is yours!"


Samuel finished, and raised his dagger to penetrate deeply into his heart.


With the sound of "poo", the sound of iron sinking into the skin appeared so empty and loud on the silent training ground.


Nicole's footsteps stopped, and her heart was instantly tightened.




He won't!


How could Samuel, such a selfish man, hurt himself?


But her feet seemed to be filled with lead, so she couldn't lift it.


Nicole felt uncomfortable with her jerky eye, and a warm liquid suddenly rushed up. Those old loves and hatreds were entangled in her chests at this time, as if was about to explode.


She dared not look back, she couldn't look back. She didn't even want to look back!


Samuel saw her with such determination, and said with a bitter smile, “Even if I die, you will not return to me anymore? Believe it or not, Nicole is the only woman and the only wife of Samuel in my life! Lucas Bush is my only son!"


The words "Lucas Bush" stimulated Nicole.


Lucas, Zoe!




Samuel couldn't die!


She was not because of distress, not because of reluctance, but because of Zoe!


For Zoe, Samuel couldn't die!


Nicole seemed to have found a reasonable reason. She suddenly turned around and saw Samuel fall in the pool of blood in the morning light.


The dagger penetrated his chest deeply, and the bright red blood had soaked his upper body.


The moment Samuel's eyes turned at Nicole, they finally became colorful.


"You still care about me, right? Nicole, you still love me!"


Samuel smiled in the corner of his mouth, leaned back and collapsed.




Nicole only felt the pain of tearing her heart and the pain five years ago was not as hurt as it was now.


She ran quickly towards Samuel, and her tears flooded like an overwhelmed lake.


"Samuel, if you dare to die, I will not spare you!"


Nicole hugged Samuel tightly.


His eyes flashed with anxiety, distressed, and complex emotions that Samuel couldn't understand.


Samuel took her hand tightly and said, "All I said is true. Believe me one more time, okay? If I didn't die this time, give me a chance, a chance to explain this for you. Will you? Nicole, I used to think I married you just because of responsibility, because I had sex with you, because I made you lose the most precious chastity of a woman in front of everyone. But three years after marriage, I really fell in love with you unconsciously. I have always had a normal relationship with Riley, and we have never passed the defense of men and women. Otherwise I will not marry you so firmly and give up her.’


Nicole listened to what Samuel said, and there was reflection of blood in her eyes.


"How can you be so cruel to anyone? Do you really think I will forgive you for this? Samuel, no! I am the cruelest woman. You can't pay what you owe me and the children off with your death. I tell you, if you dare to die, I will never let Lucas recognize you in my life!"


Nicole burst into tears, not knowing what she said.


She told herself that she could not let Samuel die so that Samuel could do a matching test with Zoe. Before the matching had come out, he could not die.


But why was the pain in her heart?


The pain seemed to spread from the bones to her limbs, to every sells on her body, and she was so painful that she could not breathe.


The bright red liquid irritated her eye, causing pain.


"I will call a doctor! What is your phone? What is the phone?"


When Nicole came out, she didn't even bring the phone with her. At this time, she was in a hurry and couldn't find Samuel's coat.


Seeing Nicole so flustered, Samuel seemed to see her from five years ago.


Nicole at the time was doing anything for Samuel so desperately.


His Nicole came back, right?


Samuel took Nicole's hand tightly and said softly, "Nicole, I love you."


These three words were no different than the thunder, which directly blew Nicole up.


She never expected that she would hear these three words from his mouth one day.


Regardless of hypocrisy, or whatever, Nicole was shocked at this moment.


The complex emotions flowed out, making she shocked for a while, watching Samuel close his eyes with a smile.


When Samuel's arm dropped, Nicole woke up like a dream.


She madly found Samuel's mobile phone, quickly unlocked it, and called Macon Joe immediately.


"Macon Joe, Samuel is dying! Is there a doctor here?”


Macon Joe originally planned to lie down and sleep for a while. Hearing Nicole, he stood up instantly and called the doctor as soon as possible. When he saw how Samuel was injured, he suddenly became angry.


"What's going on? You killed him?"


Nicole did not speak or refute. Looking at the doctor lift Samuel on stretcher and ran quickly towards the operating room.

She followed behind like a rag doll, and the last sentence Samuel said echoed in her mind.


He said, "Nicole, I love you!"


He loved her?


How ridiculous!


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