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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 96



Nicole Bush exclaimed, her body was already hugged by Samuel Green.


When they wo hugged together, a long-lost feeling touched each other again, leaving them briefly stunned.


Samuel Green's wound was actually painful, but at this moment, he felt it didn't matter if it hurt.


The plane was still bumpy, and Jacob Brown in front quickly said.


"Mr. Green, there was turbulence in the air, the plane was a little bumpy, you...”


Before he finished speaking, he turned around and saw Samuel Green and Nicole Bush hugged together. He stopped quickly and continued to be dumb, but his words still let Nicole Bush and Samuel Green quickly loosen each other.


Samuel Green was naturally reluctant, not to mention living as a monk for five years. Now the person he holds was his wife, but he couldn't do anything and dare not do anything.


Nicole Bush felt a little embarrassed and quickly sat down and fastened herself with seat belt.


If it was not for checking out Samuel Green's wound, she wouldn't forget about the safety belt It was quite embarrassing for this moment since such thing happened.


The two of them said nothing for a while.


The atmosphere was somewhat embarrassing, and Jacob Brown did not dare to say anything at this time.


The plane flew to the Seapolis City after more than an hour.


When they landed in the Seapolis City, Nicole Bush was anxious and excited.


Samuel Green put on his coat and concealed his injuries. Although the Green Family was second to none in the Seapolis City these years, it also made some people jealous and caused a lot of enemies. If at this time they knew that Samuel Green was not in good health, it was estimated that many people wanted to take the opportunity to kill him.


After all, if Samuel Green was dead, the Green Family was destined to fall, and those companies would be taken by other families.


The reality was always so cruel.


Samuel Green grabbed the coat, and Nicole Bush could not wait to get off the plane.


The weather outside was a bit gloomy, and it made people feel uncomfortable and depressed for no reason.


After Samuel Green got off the plane, he held Nicole Bush's hand tightly and said in a low voice, “Don't be nervous, I got this.”


Nicole Bush wanted to withdraw her hand, but Samuel Green was holding so tight that she could only let him holding her hands.


Jacob Brown had already arranged for the car to waiting for them.


After getting off the plane, Samuel Green and Nicole Bush got on the car directly and drove towards the Bush family quickly.


This road, Nicole Bush has not returned for eight years.


When she first married into the Green Family, Nicole Bush tried to go back to ease the relationship with her parents, but she was kicked out by her father. Her mother turned a blind eye to this, and it was because her returning made her mother seriously ill and she almost died of this disease. After this Nicole Bush did not dare to go back.


She could only secretly visit her mother when she came out to buy food or walk around. and even secretly bought gifts behind everyone, and let the servants at home give her parents in their names, but this was also discovered by her parents, they threw out all the things she bought, and claimed that she was not their daughter.


Nicole Bush cried countless times, but there was no way else. She couldn't change her parents’ stubbornness, and she didn't dare to bother Samuel Green and let him help ease this relationship.


Later, when she learned that she was pregnant, she happily wanted to go back and tell her mother, hoping that she could let her parents accept herself because she was pregnant.


But another five years has passed before she could tell her parent because of the fire.


As time went by, eight years later, she did not know whether her parents had more white hair, or whether her parents had any problems with her body.


All of Nicole Bush's thoughts were on her parents. Looking at this familiar street, her eyes were moist.


Samuel Green looked at her being sad but powerless. He stretched his arms around her shoulders.


Nicole Bush struggled, but couldn't break free. When she was about to get angry, he heard Samuel Green say, "I'm sorry, I bothered you so much. After three years of marriage, I was only busy working. I never consider your desire to accompany your parents. It's my negligence as a husband that I didn't accompany you to ask for your parents’ forgiveness in time.”


Originally, Nicole Bush didn't think about hearing Samuel Green say this, and felt that the grievances were caused by her. It's he fault that her fell in love with this man.


She really gave everything for this man.


But after so many years, when she heard Samuel Green's words, Nicole Bush's nose was sore, and the tears couldn't help but dropped.


"Come on, don't cry. It's my fault. If you feel wronged, you can beat me or even slap me, please don't cry. Your tears make me more worried than a knife.


Samuel Green coaxed Nicole Bush in a low voice.


Jacob Brown feels that his eyes are almost blind,


He had been with Samuel Green for so many years, but he had never seen Samuel Green being so gentle with a woman. 


And these words were really said by Samuel Green?


Jacob Brown couldn't believe it.


Nicole Bush seemed really wronged. Hearing Samuel Green's words, she wasn't hypocritical, and she didn't plan to suppress her feelings. Her mouth bit directly on Samuel Green's shoulder.





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