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Don't Try to Escape, My Wife! novel Chapter 99

Mrs. Bush was going to pick it up subconsciously, but was stopped by Nicole Bush.


“Auntie, let me answer it.”


Nicole Bush's eyes were dignified.


Mrs. Bush suddenly felt so familiar with this kind of eyes, so familiar that she shuddered, and a bold thought flashed through her mind.


But she didn't make any noise, just withdrew her hand gently.


Nicole Bush didn't pay too much attention to Bush's actions. All her thoughts were taken away by the phone in front of her.


Who would call this number?


Could it be that the person who wanted to deceive his parents to go abroad?


Nicole Bush answered the phone with a serious expression.




Nicole Bush's voice was cold, and the other party seemed to froze, and then quickly hung up.


The busy sound came from the phone, but this made Nicole Bush's heart sank.


If the call was made by mistake or by an acquaintance, it was impossible to hang up without saying a word, unless the other party did not want to her hear his voice, or for other reasons. But no matter what, Nicole Bush was a bit wary.


“What's wrong? Who's calling?"


Mrs. Bush had been watching Nicole Bush, and suddenly found that she was somewhat similar to her daughter.


Nicole Bush said with some concern, "Auntie, I think someone may want to control you by using Nicole. Although I don't know what they want to do, if you believe me, no matter what kind of letter or Phone, please tell me first. I don't want Nicole to worry about your."


If before this, Ms. Bush might not trust her, but now the more she looked at Nicole Bush, the more intimate she was. She tremblingly holds Nicole Bush's hand and says, "I will follow your instruction whatever it is. Be careful yourself, Ok?”


Nicole Bush was all excited, but she had to suppress it and nodded.


Mrs. Bush said to her, “Since you are Nicole's good friend, go to Nicole's room and rest for a while. I can see that you are very tired. When the meal is done, I will tell you.”


Nicole Bush was really tired, but she was reluctant to give up this time to rest. Ms. Bush had a firm attitude and she had to return to her boudoir.


It was exactly the same as the decoration when she hadn't married Samuel. It was even cleaned and tidied up, there was no dust, she could see that her parents really missed her.


Without Mrs. Bush around, Nicole Bush couldn't help crying anymore.


She caressed the picture on the bedside table, which was taken when she was still at home. She was so youthful and so glorious in the picture, but so strange at this time.


In five years, the facelift had almost made her forget her own appearance. Now when she saw this photo, the memories of the scenes come to mind. Comparing parents’ care for her with the old and weak parents now, Nicole Bush sat by the bed and choked silently.


Her shoulders twitched.


Ms. Bush hadn't closed tightly the door of the room. After not hearing the sound in the room, she gently opened a slit in the door and saw Nicole Bush tearing while holding the photo.


Nicole Bush put the photo down, as if thinking of something, and suddenly got up and came under the bed. She went under the bed and found a box.


She carefully took out the box.


Because no one knew the existence of this little box, it was covered with dust.


Nicole Bush gently wiped the dust off and opened it.


Inside was her gift from her childhood that on her birthday, her parents gave her a gift box full of jewelry.


There was even a family portrait for three.


Nicole Bush cried again, covering her mouth.


Mrs. Bush's body trembled, and she even wished to go in and ask about it, but she still refrained.


She closed the door gently and walked to Mr. Bush.


Looking at the tears in his wife's eyes, Mr. Bush thought she was thinking of her daughter while chatting with Nicole Bush. He comforted her and said, "We already have Nicole's news. We'll see her sooner or later, don't worry. Compared to be separated by life and death, It's the best news for us to know that she's alive, isn't it?”


Mrs. Bush closed the door of the study, grabbed Mr. Bush's hand and said, "Dear, I suspect that Catherine is our daughter Nicole.”


"What are you talking about? Are you crazy because thinking of Nicole? Catherine is beautiful, but she is not as good as Nicole in our family.”


Mr. Bush directly thought that Mrs. Bush was insane.


Mrs. Bush shook her head and said, "No, I just sent her into Nicole's bedroom and let her rest there, but I didn't shut the door. From the crack of the door, I saw her very familiar with Nicole's room. She even found things that Nicole herself had hidden. And she cried from the moment she entered the room all the time. She told us that Nicole had experienced a fire five years

ago, and that hurt her face. She then told us she might be different fromm what we knew before when she meets us in the future. I took a closer look. Her eyebrows are particularly like Nicole, especially the eyes. Do you remember? Nicole's eyes are like you!"


Mr. Bush was said by his wife, and the whole person was stunned.


“But if she is Nicole, why doesn't she recognize us? And Samuel, why did he help her hide from us?"


“There may be some trouble between them. I can tell that Samuel has a good attitude towards her, but she is cold and indifferent to Samuel. What is going on here, we don't know. If she is not willing to tell us, we shouldn't ask. I am happy as long as she comes back.”


Mrs. Bush wiped her tears while talking.


Mr. Bush pondered for a while and said, "I'll let the chief cook a few foods that Nicole likes, and a few foods she doesn't like to eat. When we eat, we can observe. This stuff can be quite important or quite small after all.”


“Well, I will follow you! But since she doesn't want us go abroad, we won't go out. I always feel strange about this. We just learned about Nicole's news and are confused by the happiness. Now thinking about it, five years later, Nicole has no news. Why does someone suddenly find us and knows where Nicole is?”


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