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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 24

Victoria was stunned. A few tear drops crossed the corners of her eyes. She turned around, slammed the door of her room, and hid in her room, crying alone.

Maximilian, could I still trust you?

In the living room, seeing that, Laura was cursing and sternly accusing Maximilian.

Maximilian just glanced at her and went to the kitchen.

On the 22nd, more and more people were discussing the birthday party in Caesars Palace Hotel.

Every year at this time, the Griffiths would prepare in advance to celebrate the birthday of their great-granddaughter.

Although Victoria and Maximilian became a taunt during these days every year, Samuel still cherished his great-granddaughter and prepared the birthday party for her..

But someone in the Griffiths did something on purpose, among which Franklin made the largest contribution.

But this time was different. Surprisingly, the Griffiths did nothing. There was no sign of preparation for the birthday party of their great- granddaughter.

It was even said that Samuel did not cherish his great-granddaughter any more due to Maximilian, who was a good-for-nothing man and lived off his wife had contradicted Samuel for several times.

And this time everyone knew that a father had chartered the Caesar Palace Hotel for his daughter's birthday party. The whole city focused on the Griffiths and no one would like to be associated with them.

The tycoon who had chartered Caesar Palace Hotel had not shown up yet, and even his identity was not known, which made more people expect and wonder about that day.

Who was he? In the Griffiths company, the relatives and corporate executives of the Griffiths were all furious at the moment. They were all disgraced because of Maximilian and Victoria.

For the past two days, people of the Griffiths had stayed at home. Even Samuel chose to stay in the old mansion to have a rest.

In the past three years, the Griffiths should be busy preparing for Sissi's birthday these two days. But it was unexpectedly different this time.

"Damn it! We are so humiliated because Victoria and Maximilian!"

"That Maximilian is a disgrace to males. He should be killed! The bastard should also be killed!"

"Victoria is a bane. Because of her, all of us have to suffer the criticism and snickering of others along with her."

Some young people of the Griffiths got together and were discussing and blaming Victoria bitterly. They wanted to kill Maximilian and Victoria!

Franklin, however, smiled lightly with a look of anticipation.

"Frank, why do you smile? Do you think it's a honor?"

One of them asked.

Franklin looked indifferent and said, "You have a one-track mind. It'll be better that more and more people know about it.”

They were dumbfounded and did not understand what he meant at all.

Iris laughed and said as she painted her nails aside,

"You are too stupid. It is Victoria and Maximilian who will be disgraced of things get worse. In that case, Victoria will be kicked out of the Griffiths company.

Grandpa is anxious to keep up appearances, so Victoria, who had caused shame to the Griffiths will gain nothing in the end. She will even lost the opportunity to cooperate with the Graham Group,”

Hearing that, the others suddenly understood. They all sneered because they were glad to see Victoria in difficulties.

"It explains the matter. Ha-ha. You have sharp eyes, Brother Frank and Sister Iris."

"That's right. I believe Brother Frank should be the head of the Griffiths!"

Franklin laughed and suddenly asked,

"By the way, are you going to Caesar Palace Hotel? I want to meet the mysterious billionaire.

Anyway, I heard that lots of people will go to the banquet tomorrow evening. After all, there booked three hundred tables for the banquet. The whole Caesar Palace Hotel with more than ten floors has been chartered, and several nearby hotels were also chartered out. All of them would like to see the billionaire.”

"Yes. Of course. It's silly not to go to dinner for free. I've heard that each table is a luxury meal worthy 50,000 dollars."

"Really? Then I'll go too!"

At once, all of young people of the Griffiths wanted to go. Although their grandpa had ordered that no one was allowed to go, he could not stop them.

Today, Leila Thomson was unhappy, in part because she just returned home and a group of men who used to pursue her came together to propose a marriage to her, in part because her best friend Victoria was in trouble.

Undoubtedly, she had heard about the birthday party in Caesar Palace Hotel, which had being discussed animatedly for the past few days.

Fucking Maximilian!

It was him who caused Victoria to suffer so much.

Victoria must be heart-broken at this moment, so she was planning to visit Victoria.

Suddenly, her phone rang. When she looked at the screen, she found that it was an unknown number, so she hung up.

However, the number called in again immediately. Leila was proud and had bad temper. She answered the phone and scolded,

"What's up? I have no need to apply for a loan, buy any houses or rent any store. You damn salesman, go to hell!"

"Leila?" She heard a familiar male voice.

Leila frowned and her arms folded over her chest with an LV bag on her shoulder. She asked coldly,

"Who's that? A suitor? Then line up in front of my house.”

"No. This is Maximilian."

When Leila heard the name, she was as angry as a cat whose tail had been stepped on, and she became furious immediately and scolded crazily,

"Maximilian? You even have the courage to phone me. Do you know what kind of criticism Victoria has been suffering because of you these few days? You scum! Loser!”

Leila cursed so much that she kept scolding for ten minutes before she took a break. Then she said coldly,

"How did you get my number? Wait. Why do you phone me? Damn! I see. You want to pick me up?

Maximilian, I'm telling you. It's not possible! You scumbag, you madman. I'll tell Victoria!"

Hearing that, Maximilian was dumbfounded at the moment. It was said that Leila was sexy but stupid. It was true.

She was a bit silly, but righteous. She really cared much about Victoria.

"You're overthinking it. Victoria is my only beloved. I phone you to ask you a favor."

Maximilian replied and shook his head hopelessly.

"A favor?"

Leila’s expression was cold and cool. She pulled the door of the red Ferrari, and raised her long straight legs to get in the car. Then she said,

"Why should I help you."

"It's related to Victoria, and if you help me, you're helping Victoria.’

Maximilian said.


Leila frowned in thought and asked, "What's up?"

As long as it had to do with Victoria, Leila was willing to help.


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