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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 3


Maximilian was helpless and looked down at himself all over and smiled slightly.

“Sorry, I have an appointment with someone.”

When Penny heard this, her face had a very unnatural expression, and she screamed with disgust and contempt,

“A poor man like you could have made an appointment in the Royal Court Club?

You re kidding! Go away, dorft get in the way of our business”

After saying that, she coldly glared at Maximilian with a sneer in her eyes, which made him feel very unpleasant.

Maximilian said with a slight twist of his starry eyebrows, still politely.

”I really do have an appointment. Ifs urgent, so please make it easy for me.”

After saying that, Maximilian lifted his steps and walked towards the main hall.

Instantly, Penny became anxious and tugged at Maximilians shirt as she chided,

“What's wrong with you? Here is the Royal Court Club, and people who come here are rich people and influential! Who are you? How can you get a date with a big boss like that?”

She was really pissed off! She wondered what kind of asshole dare to trespass on the Royal Court Club! He was courting death!

A chill eventually formed in the corner of Maximilian eyes, and he was just about to explain something when a suspicious chortling voice came from the side.

“What's going on? What are you arguing about? What a disgrace for the guest to see!”

The person who approached was a man in his thirties, dressed in a well-cut black plaid suit with a Managers badge pinned to his chest. He had an oil head and wore gold-rimmed glasses, looking like an elite.

“Manager Kaleb Owen, yoưre finally here. This poor loser is trespassing our clubhouse!”

Penny immediately stomped her feet and her breasts swayed and trembled in front of her body, arousing his imagination.

Manager Kaleb frowned, pushed his gold-rimmed glasses, looked up and down at Maximilian who was plainly dressed, and spoke coldly,

“Im sorry, this is a private club. We adopt membership. l’ve never seen you before, and I'd like to ask you to leave quickly."

Manager Kaleb was quite decent and didn't say anything harsh.

Mostly, he despised Maximilian so naturally, he didn't want to say more.

When Penny saw Maximilian was still standing here, she immediately pointed her finger at his nose and scolded him,

“Get out! Do I have to call security to kick you out2”

Maximilians face eventually darkened.

He was just there to find someone, so why did he have to be treated like that?

Was it possible that just because you were dressed in ordinary clothes, you were labeled as poor?

“FII say it again. l'm here to find someone.”

Maximilian said indifferently, and there was already more than a hint of anger in his tone.

Manager Kaleb turned his head around and looked at him suspiciously, asking.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Wilfred."Maximilian said.


Suddenly, Manager Kaleb shook his head helplessly with a cold smile and asked,

“You're looking for Mr. Wilfred Collins?”

Wilfred Collins was the big boss behind the Royal Court Club.He had never been here for many years, and today was his first time to come over! | heard that he was waiting for an honored guest.Could it be the brat in front of me?”

Penny, who was at the side, also said mockingly,

“Manager Kaleb, he is just stupid. I'II call two securities to come over and throw him out.”

Manager Kaleb didn't have it in mind, but nodded anyway and said.

“Handle it cleanly and don't cause any backlash or misunderstanding to the guests.”

Huh.How could it be possible for Mr. Wilfred Collins to know such a poor guy?

“Okay Manager Kaleb, l understand.”

Penny moved her soft and glutinous body, and her frowns and smiles were vixen-like.

And then, turning her head, she glared viciously at Maximilian, picked up the phone in her hand, and called the security department.

”I need two people. Someone is making trouble at the front door."

There was no security at the front door of the Royal Court Club because no one dared to cause trouble here.

People who came in and out were all VIPs in H City and outside the city, and any one of them could stir up a storm.

Who was so unwise to cause trouble in the Royal Court Club?

When the phone hung up, Penny wrapped her arms around her chest, and her pair of phoenix eyes stared deadly at Maximilian, and said mockingly, Fool, you re screwed”


Maximilian was also helpless and silently took out his phone. He dialed Wilfreds number and said in a cold voice,

”“m at the front door but l've been stopped. You only have three minutes."

Seeing Maximilian pretending to make a phone call, Penny laughed out loud and said with contempt.

“I baht You are not calling Wilfred, are you? What a fucking dick. It's not like you to act like this, okay?”

Maximilian didn't say anything back but stood there calmly, his hands behind his back.

This made Penny angry!


“What kind of person is he? How dare he to ignore me! Damn it

At the same time, Wilfred, the big boss of the Royal Court Club, was currently running towards the front door with his secretary in a frenzy when he saw the young lord being blocked at the front door with a head-bashing and foul scolding from afar!

Instantly, Wilfred was extremely angry.

Maximilian was the young lord, the future Dragon Lord of the Dragon Sectl

“Stop!”Wilfred shouted.

Those security guards who were driving Maximilian away suddenly heard an angry rebuke and turned their heads to see Wilfred running over furiously!

Wilfred! The big boss behind the Royal Court Club!

Halt! Salute!


“Mr. Wilfred Collins!”

The security guards saluted in unison.

But Wilfred didn't even look at them and went straight to Maximilian, who was tidying his clothes with an excited smile on his face.

“Young lord, yoưre here. Please come inside.”

Wilfred stood respectfully a meter away from Maximilian, bowing and bending down, looking respectful.

This scene made Penny confused!

Young lord?

What was the situation?

Wasiat this guy just a poor loser!

“Wilfred...Wilfred, is it a mistake? He is just a poor loser who comes over to make trouble.”

Penny was surprised, turned her face to glare angrily at Maximilian, and said,

“You rubbish! How dare you not salute when you see Mr. Wilfred Collins. You two, why don't you hurry up and throw him out!”

Penny was anxious. lf she displeased Wilfred, the consequences would be unthinkable!

“How dare you?”

Suddenly, Wilfred glared at Penny with a cold look and angrily scolded,

“Who are you going to throw out? He is the young lord, the owner of the Royal Court Club. How dare you be rudet”



This loser was the real owner of the Royal Court Club?

Wasn't that a joke?

Pennys eyes widened in disbelief as she asked,

“Mr. Wilfred Collins, you are not kidding, right?”

“Humph!"Wilfred snorted coldly and said no more, his expression was already indicating everything.

Pennys heart and liver were trembling at this moment, and her cheeks were trembling as she stared at Maximilian in disbelief.

So, it was true that he was looking for Wilfred!

Following that, Penny immediately bent down and apologized, saying

“Mr. Maximilian, m sorry. m sorry. l..."

And at that moment, the Manager Kaleb returned, not noticing Wilfred, and anyway, seeing that Maximilian was still here, he became annoyed and scolded,


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