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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 34

Hearing this from Maximilian, the family, all three of them, stared at him with a strange look.


Was Maximilian crazy?


How dared he say such a thing!


Laura was instantly furious, got up, raised her eyebrows and pointed at Maximilian, scolding him.


"What surprise? Why should my daughter listen to you? You're a loser. Don't mess up! Get out of my way!”


Maximilian sighed helplessly, with his expression slightly depressed.


He couldn't change his mother-in-law’'s attitude toward him.


For four years, in Laura's eyes, Maximilian was a person hated by everyone, and a trash that everyone could pick on.


Now, the mysterious Mr. Lee was a sweet cake in everyone's eyes, as he seeks to build the largest medical research enterprise in H City.


As long as cooperation with the Topdollars Group was reached, it didn't matter for Victoria to lose the Graham Group.


Mr. Samuel would definitely be impressed with his granddaughterVictoria, and at that time, Victoria's family would also stand 

out in front of the Griffith's relatives.


But this cooperation was not easy to achieve.


Victoria knew it was difficult.


Laura knew it was hard too.


But even if it was impossible, it wasn't Maximilian's turn give suggestions.


"Don't mop. The sight of you makes me angry, a waste could accomplish nothing!”


Laura was fidgety, especially about the family dinner last night, which was so humiliating.


She was so uncomfortable that she wanted to find trouble with Maximilian to vent her anger.


Victoria got up, glanced at Maximilian who was suffering wrong, shook her head helplessly and went straight into the 



Maximilian glanced at the closed door, lowered his head and continued mopping the floor.


Almost half an hour later, Maximilian found an excuse to go out and went all the way straight to the Graham Group.


There was no way that the cooperation with the Graham Group would fall into the hands of that bastard Franklin.


Maximilian was just about to step into the Graham Group when a fragrant breeze hit his nose, followed by a sweet ‘ouch’.


A lithe and graceful figure was directly knocked onto the ground by Maximilian.


"How did you walk? Don't you have eyes?”


With white V-neck corset and red ultra-short skirt, the lady’s straight and slender legs were wrapped in a light layer of black 

stocking and her feet were in black high-heeled shoes.


A stylish, sexy and domineering lady!


She was fairly hot, with a wasp waist and plump hips.


Her red lips were so attractive that they make men sink at a glance.


Maximilian didn't mean it, hurriedly pulled her up and apologized.


“I'm sorry. Is everything okay?”




The lady directly flung Maximilian's hands away and stood up on her broken feet.


The woman screamed, supporting her waist and hip, angrily removed the wide sunglasses from her face, pointed at 

Maximilian and cursed.


“You're fucking blind. You fucking idiot!"


Then. The two looked at each other and things became bad.




The woman exclaimed with surprise and a look of teasing and mockery.




It took Maximilian a moment to respond as well.




He didn't expect to meet Sarah.


"Shit! I thought it was someone else, but I didn't think it was you, the wimp!”


Sarah was in a bad mood, and patted the dust on her arse with a look of displeasure.


Maximilian could only laugh to express regret and stood awkwardly by the side.


“Maximilian, I still haven't settled my score with you last time at the SPA, while I bumped into you here today. Are you stalking 



Sarah stared at Maximilian with an arrogant face and looked at him up and down a few times.


"No, I just came by to have a look.’


Maximilian replied.


“Have a look? What do you want to see?"


The expression on Sarah's pretty face changed as if thinking of something and she sniffed with a full open mouth.


“I see. You lied about finding a new boss last time, right? Did you get fired and then come here to apply for a job as a security 



After saying that, she looked at Maximilian with a mocking expression, and her proud and smug look was obvious.


Her looks and movements made Maximilian feel quite uncomfortable.


"No, I've come to see Graham...”


Maximilian was just about to explain when Sarah gave him a contemptuous look and ridiculed him.


“Alright, get your ass back and don't be a disgrace here. I'm the newly appointed PR manager here, and with me here, you won't be allowed to apply for any job in this company.’




Maximilian was a little confused.


Was Sarah actually the PR manager of Graham Group?





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