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Dragon Master novel Maximilian novel Chapter 7

Looking at Victoria's sad face, Maximilian felt quite uncomfortable, then he agreed,

"That's right. The man who ordered Caesar Palace is......"

Suddenly, a loud shout of a bright male voice beside interrupted Maximilian's words.

"Victoria, there you are. I've been looking for you for ages.”

Then a handsome man ran towards them, who dressed in a decent white suit, with a large bouquet of red roses in his hands.

Travis Hart, the young master of Hart Family, was also a second generation rich owning tens of millions of dollars, and ran small company of his own. He was considered as a young talent in H City.

Travis was Victoria's crazy suitor. Even though Victoria was married, he still sent gifts to Victoria or treated her meals from time to time.

However, Victoria refused him every time.

"Victoria, it's for you. I just bought it."

Travis handed the large bouquet of roses in his hand to Victoria, who wiped her tears and smiled, "Thank you, but I can't accept it.”

As she spoke, her eyes fixed on Maximilian. When did he ever give her flowers during the four years?

Yeah, it was just a bouquet of flowers, but Maximilian didn't even buy one for Victoria.

Only then did Travis notice Maximilian, then his face turned ghastly and he sneered,

"Well, it is Maximilian.”

How could the wimp that everyone in H City knew about have the qualification to marry a heavenly beauty like Victoria.

Travis's heart was full of hatred for Maximilian.

Maximilian's eyebrows were slightly furrowed, then he glanced at Travis and said,

"Send flowers to my wife again?"

Travis tugged on his tie, and the corner of his mouth curled slightly as he arrogantly responded,

"What are you trying to say? One day, I'll impress Victoria, and you, you don't deserve to be with her."

With that, he turned around and, took out a small, high-grade chamber from his arms like performing conjuring tricks. He opened it, and inside was a diamond-encrusted necklace.

"Victoria, this is the new collection of Cartier, the Heavenly Fairy Star Diamond Collection. But now I can just afford to buy one of the cheapest among them for six hundred thousand dollars.

When I make more money, I'll be sure to buy you the most expensive one, Hundred Flower Fairy for thirty million dollars."

Travis said it sincerely, and he looked at Maximilian with condescending eyes after he finished.

Even if Travis was not capable enough now, he could buy this necklace for six hundred thousand dollars at least!

But what about Maximilian? He couldn't afford it in a lifetime!

Victoria was a little embarrassed then she said, "Travis, thank you for your kindness, but, I can't accept it, since this...... is too expensive.”

Victoria had also heard of Cartier's new diamond necklaces, the Heavenly Fairy Star Diamond Collection, especially the top luxuriously designed Hundred Flower Fairy Diamond Necklace, containing 207 diamonds, which was a cascading diamond necklace. It was of high quality beyond question since it made up of high quality white diamonds, most of which are pear-shaped, and all set in platinum.

Well, women were all interested in that.

The Hundred Flower Fairy Diamond Necklace had been speculated to a high price of thirty million dollars and it was just one hundred pieces per year.

Most of the people who bought this one were from rich and powerful family. What's more, it also required some qualifications to buy it.

That was, a Silver membership with Cartier.

To gain the Silver membership, someone needed to spend 5 million dollars at Cartier!

That was no small number.

Seeing that Victoria had refused, Travis was a bit embarrassed and lost, then he said, “Victoria, I...”

At this moment, Maximilian came up to hold Victoria's hand and stood in front of her, and said to Travis, "My wife doesn't need anything from anyone. If she likes this necklace, I can buy it for her."

Hearing this, Travis was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, then he exclaimed,

"What do you say? Can you afford one? Maximilian, are you kidding me? You don't know who you are? I’m afraid you can't even afford the one I'm holding which is worth six hundred thousand dollars!”

Maximilian smiled and turned to look at Victoria, then he asked her in a soft voice, "Do you like the Hundred Flower Fairy Diamond Necklace?"

Victoria was stunned, then raised her eyebrows and her hazy eyes fixed on Maximilian. Her pink lips trembled slightly, and she shook her head in a hurry and said, "I don't like it. Let's go."

But the look in her eyes and her hesitation had indicated her inner thoughts.

All women love beauty and diamonds.

That expensive diamond necklace could make her outstanding in the city.

It could even make her the center of attention at the mid-year banquet of the Griffiths two days later!

In this way, perhaps they could win back Samuel's favor and their branch of Griffith wouldn't fall out of favor.


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