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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 10


''I think it's too tight,'' I mutter as the stylist continues to pull harder onto my corset. My body feels like I can just explode due to the pressure I'm feeling on my abdomen; bringing me discomfort.

''No, no. It's never too tight.'' She replies.

My eyes widen as she pulls one more time, causing me to immediately press my hand against the wall, ''But I can't breathe, at all.'' I say, glancing towards the queen.

Within seconds, the queen—Emery's mother, starts to stand up before walking towards me. She eyes my dress cautiously; leaving me like a statue at my spot. Then, she shakes her head, ''We want her to look beautiful, not like she's suffocating. Loosen it up a little bit. Let her breathe, Margaret.'' She says.

Margaret—the stylist nods her head before loosening my corset; earning a breath of relief from me. Once, everything is adjusted perfectly, I turn to look at myself in the mirror. A woman with brown eyes and brown hair looking back at me as she stands, pale yet there's a slight glow appearing on her skin.

''She's already beautiful, Your Majesty. She doesn't require much work.'' Margaret says, softly. Even though her voice may be low but I still manage to hear the words yet I pretended I didn't.

I make my way towards the clothing racks, looking for a different clothing that I can change into. I've been trying on different dresses for the past two hours and trust me, it doesn't sound much like a fairytale. My eyebrows furrow in confusion before taking a pair of jeans out but within seconds, I am immediately surprised to see Emery appearing out from behind the rack.

He laughs loudly at my reaction.

My heart stops beating immediately, causing me to trip but as I was about to hit onto the ground, I feel both of his hands on my waist—preventing me from falling

My heart stops beating immediately, causing me to trip but as I was about to hit onto the ground, I feel both of his hands on my waist—preventing me from falling. I can't help but look directly into his eyes, seeing that he's smiling down at me; letting me some sort of rush all over my body.

It confuses me. Somehow.

What am I feeling? I thought.

Emery glances down at my lips for a few seconds before slowly lifting my body up yet we're still close to each other. Both of his hands not even slightly looking his grip on my waist and due to that, I can still sense fireworks in the background; making me forget everything.

We both turn to look at the queen, seeing that she is staring at us with a surprised look on her face. As for Margaret, both of her eyes are wide—not expecting Emery to appear out of nowhere and cause a scene. Then, I feel Emery loosening his grip on my waist before completely letting go of me.

Once we're quite far from each other, I can finally breathe.

''Good morning, mother.'' He says, heading towards her direction with a smile on his face. I stay still at my spot, not really understanding what just happened.

Let me get this straight again, Emery just jumped from the clothing rack to surprise me and yes, he did it successfully. I can't seem to forget the look on his face though, he was amazingly beautiful. Now, I'm just staring at his back—seeing him talking to his mother while they both laugh; it's cute to see them bond.

''You're not supposed to be here,'' Genevieve says.

Emery smiles, ''Why not?''

Then, they both glance up towards my direction as I stand here awkwardly. The queen smiles, ''Go change, dear. We'll be heading out—once you're done.'' She says and I make my way behind the curtains, Margaret closing them for me while I change into a pair of clothing that I'm more comfortable in.

''How was your father?'' I hear her ask.

They both keep quiet for a few seconds before I hear Emery responding as he clears his throat, ''He's not so well but he says that he's alright. You should see him, he needs you—other than my support, he wants to see your face. He wants to know that you're still there for him,'' He replies, causing me to furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

''It's hard for me,''

''It's hard for me too but how hard can it be?''


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