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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 15


''If we come here everyday, I'll be fat in no time.'' Emery says as he takes a bite of his food, causing me to chuckle while I look at him—only watching him eat. It surprises me how someone can be attractive in so many different ways? One look, he's damn attractive while staring out the window but then when he eats, he's ten times perfect.

It surprises me how someone can be attractive in so many different ways? One look, he's damn attractive while staring out the window but then when he eats, he's ten times perfect

''Fat or not, I'm stuck with you, either way.'' I reply, leaving him smiling down at his food before taking a slice and handing it over to me while I slowly lean forward, making it easier for him to give me a bite.

''It seems like you're bringing me with you,''

He chuckles at my respond, ''You own a restaurant. Don't tell me you've never tried everything in the menu and don't tell me how many calories you've earned for giving in?'' He asks by raising an eyebrow and that's when he got me—food is my weakness. Yes, I may not look like I eat a lot but the people who knows me better, they would understand better.

I roll my eyes at him, ''I never said I haven't,'' Then, he smiles once more after glancing up at my direction; as he continues to eat his food while feeding me whenever he wants to.

''I want to show you New York. Well, it's not everyday that we get the chance to travel and since I'll be living in your country, I kind of miss the things here.'' I say, causing him to look up at me as he chews his food. As he thinks for awhile, he starts to nod, earning himself a smile from me.

After the heavy lunch that we had, we head out to the city—wanting to go to places. Let's just see this as basics to something better; we might improve our relationship by this, who knows? We might end up being friends or more. I want more, though.

''The most cliché place that we have to visit is the Central Park. You might have seen it in quite a lot of movies?'' I turn to ask him, seeing that he's busy looking around but glances at my direction before answering.

''Yeah, so we'll be going there?'' He asks.

With a nod, I quickly pull him by the hand as we quickly make our way towards the Central Park. Due to my childish act, I hear him laughing from behind but he does not say or stop me from doing such a thing. He keeps on encouraging me by running beside, hand in hand.

A lot of people are glancing at our direction but they might see us as crazy freaks who really have nothing to do in the morning. People here, they don't bother much so that's why I don't have to worry about getting noticed. Well, the media might have pictures of us but as long as they stay out of it and as long as the people here doesn't bother us, we'll be fine.

Getting to know each other. That's step number one. I don't want the press to ruin it for us; we want a moment to ourselves and being disturbed by the press is very, worth smacking them. Step number two? I haven't figured that out yet but probably getting close to each other. If that's not too quick, whatsoever.

Once we've arrived at the Central Park, we come face to face with the amount of people, walking around with smiles on their faces but mostly with phones in their hands; of course. This is the twentieth century, what do I expect? People communicating through birds? I thought.

''So, what do we do here?'' Emery turns towards me.

''We walk,'' I answer, leaving him frowning as I grab onto his hand once more—realising that we're now walking side by side, looking like a regular couple with our hands entwined. Emery doesn't mind much that we're holding hands, probably, because we said that we'll give it a go.

Theres nothing to say, honestly. It's like we're having a conversation but words aren't really necessary. We might be talking in our heads; we'll never know. He might be thinking about me and I might be thinking about him—maybe we're thinking about each other. Isn't that, sweet? I guess, a little.

''Can we talk as we walk or is it against the rules?'' He asks, leaving me to laugh at his question. I nod my head as a sign for him to ask first, fire away, as long as it doesn't involve anything stupid, then I'll answer. His grip on my hand tightens a little bit as I try to cover up my smile.

''What's your favourite animal?'' He asks.

I roll my eyes, ''Really? That's all you got?'' I ask him and he chuckles, shaking his head; to show that he's out of ideas, he'll just ask anything he wants but it'll be cool, I'll try to answer, ''Lion.'' I reply.

''What a coincidence, I think not. Did you Google about me in order to find out my favourite animal so that we can match?'' He leans in a little and I laugh which causes him to laugh back. He's such a teaser.

''No, I really like lions. By the way, isn't Emery a greyish-black form of corundum?'' I raise an eyebrow and he sighs, rolling his eyes; he probably have had this kind of question before but I don't blame him. Yet, his name sounds perfect. It matches him in a way that I think it wouldn't.

''Tell me something I don't know,'' He smirks.

We both laugh before he continues to speak, ''Look, I've looked up my name a few times when I was a kid so I pretty much know the meaning. At least it isn't as awful as Arthur or France. Why would anyone name their kid over a country? A country that I don't even own,'' He says and I smile at him, seeing how he's slightly annoyed. Somehow, I've completely forgotten about his accent; since I've heard him talk a lot recently.

''France and Arthur isn't an awful name but I like Emery a lot better. It suits you, someway.'' I shrug.

His brown eyes are looking at me, piercing deep into my eyes but I don't mind because I want to see something in his eyes; I want to know that, there's at least something for me. Even a little.


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