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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 20


I run my hand on the bed, feeling the side empty; making me open my eyes—trying to look for Emma. It takes me awhile to realise that she's no longer in bed so I sit up straight, closing my eyes again for a few seconds before completely getting off the bed.

My eyes wander down at the floor, seeing that our clothes are scattered all around—making me smile to myself at the memories of last night. I immediately pick up my boxers on the floor as I make my way towards the terrace, seeing her standing there.

I lean the side of my body against the wall after crossing my arms, eyeing her from behind; how she has her butt pushed up as she bends over to the front, enjoying the view. My eyes can't seem to look away from her breathtaking body—indeed.

All of a sudden, she turns to look at me.

Her eyes wide as her cheeks flush pink, making me smile; knowing that what happened last night might be playing in her head right now. The way she tries her best to avoid looking at my eyes tells it.

''Good morning,'' She says.

''Morning,'' I take a few steps towards her but not close enough to cause any discomfort. After our little intimacy last night, we can't just jump forward because both of us are still trying to pace through.

Within seconds, I find myself eyeing her body again; down to her legs—seeing that her shorts are very short, defining her long legs perfectly and that her tank top is actually making it harder for me to be here without wanting to bring her back to bed.

''How did you sleep?'' I ask, smiling.

Her dark brown eyes look directly into mine as she bites onto her lower lip, without her realising but for some reason, I realise and I notice every single movement that she makes. It's quite surprising.

''I slept well, you?'' She smiles back.

I nod my head as an answer, continuing to smile at her; realising that she's actually playing with her fingers at her back—trying to make it less awkward for her. Yes, I do feel different around her now but it's not something that I can't handle.

We continue to look at each other without uttering a single word but as I keep on closing the distance between us; I start to see that she's actually pressing her lips into a thin line—I wonder why?

Once I'm close enough, I tuck strands of hair behind her ear so that it'll be easier for me to look at her. She looks up into my eyes; not really pushing me away or anything, ''Remember what I said yesterday?'' I ask.

She frowns, ''Which one?''

My lips curve up into a smirk, remembering that I've said a whole lot other things to her last night but that is not what I meant—far from what I meant, honestly. I place both of my hands on her hips as I look down at her, ''Which one do you remember?'' I playfully tease.

She starts to shift but she stays still, trying to think of something to say—wanting to make it seem like it's less sexual but then again, it's not even sexual. What I have in mind is far from what she has in mind.

Yes, I did say things last night.

But those kind of things are sexually in bed.

''Actually, just tell me. I remember,'' She answers.

''When I said I like you. I meant it,'' I say, making her relax a little bit—her eyes focusing more into mine, ''It's quite soon for me to fall for you but I have and I don't mind how fast it is we're going because I like it,'' I continue, caressing the side of her face with thumb.

''Well, I like you and I meant it too.'' She says.

''Good to know,'' I smile down at her, kissing onto her forehead. Long and somehow showing how I'm very serious about her in any way possible; hoping that she would be able to trust me when I say it.

I find myself kissing her lips and she responds back immediately without any signs of pushing away so I grab onto her butt, making her groan—before picking her up by the waist, wrapping her legs around my torso to take her straight into the bathroom.

She starts to laugh as I playfully kiss her neck.

Another love making won't hurt.

Once we're done showering, I wrap a towel around her body before kissing onto her shoulder; stepping out of the bathroom with her—taking my phone on the bed to see if there's any urgent calls or messages.

When I glance up to look at Emma, she has already put on her underwear—her back facing me. My eyes can't seem to look away from her body; leaving me staring at her for a few more minutes until she starts to turn around, looking directly at me.

She smiles seductively at me. Holy shit.


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