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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 21


''I just think that it's not okay,'' I mutter.

''What's not okay about learning ethics and ways of royalties? You're included,'' He replies, looking at himself in the mirror as he fixes his hair; wanting to look presentably good for today.

Our honeymoon ended sooner than we thought it would be. Well, if a week of being in Greece is considered short—then, I don't know how long I deserve to consider it long enough.

We spent the whole week being in each other's arms, moulding and suffocating ourselves with embraces. It's just too difficult for us to stay away because we're new to all of this; the whole I want you thing.

As for today, he will be attending an event.

Which he highly and much likely disagree. He wants to stay home, not ever leaving for the next few days because he wants to spend time with me. That's what he said but unfortunately, he has to obey Genevieve.

''I don't know,'' I breathe out.

As I lay my back onto the bed, I start to let myself set free by staring onto the ceiling—easing my own mind. There's just a lot going on right now; in different ways and it's not easy for me either. For instance, the thing with Emery and I, we're slowly yet fast moving.

From our sudden marriage to our honeymoon, we end up falling for each other very hard and fast. It's like we are not pushing the thought of being in love with one another, it's as if we want this. The both of us.

To my surprise, I find Emery hovering on top of me, both of his hands pressing onto the bed; supporting his own weight. Our eyes meet in an instant, leaving us stare deeply into one another's soul.

I manage to take my time by eyeing him from up to toe without hiding it away from him because he seems to be enjoying my stare. All of a sudden, I find his lips curving up into a smile; swooning me mentally.

''Why does it bother you so much?''

''I'm not fit for royalty, Emery. You and I both know how I enjoy the freedom I once had. I can't just go and learn your ways because it doesn't feel right,'' I say.

He frowns, ''Why do you think of it that way? You are and always be fitted for royalty, Emma. Trust me, you don't need to be born into royalty or be related to any royalties in the world—you are already royalty,''

''Marrying you has it perks,'' I chuckle.

''Exactly,'' He kisses onto my cheek.

''So, don't bring yourself down. Go to the classes that my mother has arranged for you, learn those damn lessons and get it over with. It's not hard,'' He mutters as he uses his left hand to caress the side of my face.

''Easy for you to say, sweetheart. You learned them when you were a kid and you've mastered it now,'' I reply before pushing him slowly, causing him to move down from the bed and stand near the edge.

I stand up, inches apart from him.

''Believe me. I spent most of my time skipping those classes and it took me longer to learn,'' He chuckles, ''I hate them—they bore me to death.'' Then, he cups onto my face; looking down and directly into my eyes.

We stay quiet for a few seconds with us only staring into each other's eyes; finding it very soothing. It's kind of a normal thing for us to just stare into one another's eyes because it bring us something.

''You used to hate them. I hate them now,'' I pout.

He smiles, ''Don't give me that look—you're making me give in to what you're asking for.'' The way his thumbs are rubbing onto my cheeks are calming me down the slightest; deep down begging him to stay.

''That's good. I should do it more often,'' I wink.

Before he can lean in, someone interrupts us.

We both turn to look at the door, surprised.

''I apologise, Your Highnesses. The queen would want you to proceed to your class,'' One of the servants say, looking at my face before bowing and exiting.

Emery turns to look back at me; his lips curving up into a small smile—caressing the side of my face. I, on the other hand, continue to pout in disagreement. ''Come on, stop procrastinating. Okay?'' He asks.

Groaning, I begin to make my way out. All of a sudden, I feel him slapping my ass which causes me to turn around—seeing that he has a smirk on his beautiful face; leaving me rolling my eyes.

''I bet you learned that too,'' I mutter as he chuckles.

Once I've exited the hallway, I walk straight ahead towards the assigned room. Just seconds before I enter, I let out a deep sigh; wanting to make sure that I'll make it out alive and that it will be alright.

I push the door open, seeing an unknown woman.

Standing next to Evelyn, who is on her phone.

''Your Highness,'' She starts to speak as I make my way in—slowly eyeing the whole room before meeting her eyes; somehow, she seems strict. Rip self.

The chandelier hangs proudly onto the ceiling, almost taking my breath away at the appearance of the room

The chandelier hangs proudly onto the ceiling, almost taking my breath away at the appearance of the room. Yet, I can't really tell; the whole place is huge and just nicely decorated—especially this room.

The paintings on the wall, they are fascinating.

''I'm sorry for being late,'' I smile. The woman nods her head, understanding as she eyes my features. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion when she starts to circle around me—eyeing every inch of my body.

''There are certain rules that has been set when you're attending my classes. First of all, punctuality.'' She continues, ''When you're late, instead of saying I'm sorry, you should apologies properly.'' She stops.

Apologise properly? Is sorry not proper enough?

''Sorry seems a little bit casual for a royalty. The next thing that you should know, I'm allowed to not bow or treat you as a royalty—during my classes,'' She clears her throat, stopping right in front of me.

''Understood, Your Highness?'' She fakes a smile.


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