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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 22


''Wait, no. I got this,'' I say, practising the way I walk; more like practising to walk properly. Well, Marie Anne told me to walk more like a royalty especially when I'm out in public—uh, for sure.

''You've been saying that for the past hour,''

I look up at her, trying to find wrongness but truth be told; she's correct so far. As I held my chin high, my shoulders back and my posture straight—I try one last time to make sure that it's perfect.

''Slowly,'' Evelyn mutters under her breath.

I have to agree with her on that.

With books on my head; it's quite hard to walk without thinking of the books falling down onto the ground—honestly, they've been in my head for the past hour than literally on my head. How funny.

All of a sudden, the door swings open, revealing Emery; who has both of his eyes onto Marie Anne before falling onto me—frowning for a few seconds.

Just like that, the books begin to fall.

What. The. Fucking. Hell. I'm going to stab him.

''Oh, sorry. Wrong room,'' He chuckles, glancing at my direction before entering the room. Just as my blood begins to boil in disagreement, he winks. Shit.

''Your Highness, we're just having a lesson.'' Marie Anne says, pointing at the books that has fell onto the ground before smiling up at the prince himself.

''I can see that,'' He glances back at me. ''Actually, I just wanted to see how things are going in here. Don't really want her to feel pressured,'' He adds.

Marie Anne's eyes widen, ''Absolutely not.''

Evelyn smirks from behind, eyeing the three of us. Then, she stands up; walking towards Emery and I. ''You don't need to worry, little brother. Emma will be fine under my care—so, mind your own business.''

That may sounded a little bit harsh but no. Not at all.

''Just so you know, she's my business.'' He replies.

Mentally jumping up and down with a grin. My head begins to play the images of how I would be reacting if I end up following my heart. The way my cheeks are heating up due to the amount of happiness; it's almost making me go insane. My eyes won't look away from his face and it's not a surprise either.

Evelyn smiles before turning to look at my tutor, ''Marie Anne, I think that's enough for today. My little brother is a little bit anxious today—he probably just misses his wife. Newlyweds,'' She jokes.

''Of course,'' Marie Anne nods and bows in respect.

Then, just like that, she exits the room. Evelyn follows behind her—only leaving Emery and I all by ourselves once she's done looking at us with a meaning.

''Why are you here?'' I ask, looking up at him.

''Because I miss you,'' He replies, casually.

Does he even know how much it affects me? The words that he uses—they just seem to go deeply into my soul where I've never felt this way in a long time. My whole body would tremble just by seeing him looking back at me, imagine how my body reacts when he touches me.

''You do?'' I cross my arms, trying to test him.

Both of his eyes pierce deep into mine, ''Yes,'' 

''I miss you a lot more than you think. I don't know why and I don't need a reason but I just want you by my side—you make me react this way, Emma.'' He whispers near my ear before slowly looking at me.

My lips curve up into a smile as I stand still.

''Actually, Emma.'' He stops for awhile, looking up at the ceiling before looking back at me; slightly making me worried about what he's going to say—yes. ''I have this thing to settle back in Melbourne about my, uh, education and I'll be gone for about two weeks.''


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