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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 30


''It has been ten days, Your Highness. You haven't touched your food. Shall I get you something else to eat? The queen worries about your wellbeing,'' I keep on looking at the glass window; not sparing a second glance at one of the servants. I'm don't feel like I need to consume anything and it has not bothered me.

I stay quiet for a few seconds before sighing.

''No. I need to be alone,'' I answer which causes him to bow in respect before exiting the room—leaving me all by myself; what I really want at the moment or for the past ten days, I've been avoiding people. Easy to say, I have been locking myself in this room.

Actually, this is his office. Being in here just makes me feel like he's still here with me; his presence. My mind has been blanked for the past few days because I've forgotten of what he asked me to do.

I find myself sitting in his armchair before throwing my head back with a deep sigh—not quite believing that I've lost my father. His death does not only bring sadness in our family but it brings sadness to the people here in England.

He was a true king and his priority was his family and his people. Barely himself. Ever since I was a kid, he would always say 'care for your family, care for your people and care for your loved ones.' That has been stuck in my mind; he reminded me.

Within seconds, I have realised the missing piece of my memory—making me look at the drawers near my side before making my way towards it. I immediately try to pull it open but my action is being pulled back due to the fact that the drawer is indeed locked.

''Oh, bloody hell. Where's the key?'' I mutter.

I begin to lose my mind but as soon as I find certain keys in one of the drawers near his Mahogany desk, I quickly try them one by one; which is testing my patience and making sure my sanity is attach.

It took me at least fifteen minutes to finally pull the drawer open; earning myself a sigh of relief. I look down into the drawer and find a file with my name on top—the only thing available in here is the file.

Without further ado, I pick up the file and go through the papers inside—shocked to find myself reading these confidential papers. As I keep on reading them one by one, I stop once I see the truth. My whole body shakes in disbelief as my hands go cold; this can't be true, this must be a silly joke!

I hear the door open but I don't bother turning.

My mind is occupied with something more.

''Emery?'' The familiar sweet voice calls out my name, but due to the papers that I'm holding and the truth that I've found. Anger raises inside of me for all the lies and the secrets that they've kept from me.

Instead of throwing it all onto the ground and explode, I find myself holding an endless amount of tears at the picture; a certain picture. I am currently holding tightly onto the papers, wanting to just drop onto the ground and seek for answers but I know that won't do me any good unless I ask someone.

''Hey, you alright? Look at me,'' She adds.

Emma comes closer towards me but I refuse.

Before she can touch me by the arm, I am already exiting the room—leaving her call out my name multiple times but for some reason; for this reason, I am actually ignoring her. The only thing that I have not done ever since we've been together.

''What is wrong with you, Emery?'' She asks, louder.

I start to feel my cheeks heating up in anger and in betrayal—not liking the fact that I am lack of control over my own emotions. Emma, on the other hand, is following behind me even though I'm silently wanting her to stop and just walk away for now. Yet, she's still following me; until I reach the north wing.

Just like that, I push the door open; too harsh.

My mother turns to look at me with wide eyes as she stops talking with the guests—Andrea's family. They are currently staying a little bit longer once they've heard the king has passed away. I can't help but look at my mother with tears shielding my eyes.

''My apologies but please excuse us,'' She says.

It doesn't take them long to exit the room, leaving my mother, Emma and I in this room. I clench my hands into fists as I control my breathing—trying to calm down but it's barely working. Barely.

''Emma, leave the room.'' I say without looking at her but even so, I can imagine the look on her face; filled with hurt and confusion. I've never raised my voice or talked to her like this—what's wrong with me?!

''Wh—what are you saying? Emery—'' I cut her off.

''Emma, please, leave the room! Why can't you just listen to me, for once?'' I say, a little bit too loud and harsh before glancing back at her. My jaw is clenched in regret as I see her looking back at me with hurt in her eyes yet she stays still—ignoring my request.

''I'm not going anywhere. You're not going to force me to leave this room because I'll be in here; listening to your conversation with your mother,'' She replies, ''Whatever it is that you have to say to her, I have the right to be here and hear it too.'' Determined.

I turn around to look at my mother.

''I did not raise my son to speak like that to his wife. What has gotten into you, Emery? Barging into this room like that while I am attending to our guests? I did not raise you to be disrespectful,'' She says, her voice raising a little bit but I don't blame her.

Yes, she did not raise me to be disrespectful. She did not raise me to speak like that to my wife because for all I know—I should be respecting her even when I'm being controlled by anger but I can't help it.

''That's not why I'm here. You lied to me,''

''Lied to you? About what?'' She frowns, confusingly.


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