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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 34


The three of us are standing at the front door as I try to look for anything in particular. My eyes won't stop glancing back and forth onto my phone; wanting to make sure that this is the right address and that we are not lost. That would be trouble for us.

''So, should we knock or something?'' Evelyn asks.

''There's the doorbell,'' Andrea answers from behind which causes me to glance at both of them; seeing that they are busy controlling their laughters which I find confusing for no reason at all. They are acting like kids and yes, it surely is cute, somehow.

''Right. I see that,'' I mutter under my breath.

Within seconds, I am already walking up the stairs before standing near the door; counting to ten before pressing the doorbell but my action is interrupted by the door opening, revealing an unknown man.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion at the figure.

Yet, he looks at me as if he has seen me before.

''I'm sorry,'' I mutter, politely as I stand to the side; letting him pass through but both of his eyes won't stop looking at me—making me look back at him, raising an eyebrow as I glance at my sister-in-law.

The man in front of me continues to stare at me as he eyes my outfit; making me clear my throat but I take my time to eye him too. His light green eyes and dirty blonde hair reminds me of someone, familiar.

''I know you,'' He breathes out, slowly.

''You do?'' I ask, trying to recall any images of him.

He chuckles, revealing his perfectly straight teeth as he keeps on looking at me. Then, he glances at Andrea and Evelyn before looking back at me. He shoves both of his hands into his jeans' pocket, casually.

''You're the current princess of Cambridge, Emma Faye. Clearly, you're Emery's wife,'' He says, stating the obvious in which I can't help but agree. For the past hour, we've been wandering in this city but no one has seemed to notice us at all. Well, especially now because we're in disguise but he notices.

''You're Cole?'' I ask, wanting to know if he is.

''That's me,'' He mutters, both of his eyes focusing.

''May we come in?'' I change the topic, wanting to find a different place to talk so that this conversation can be longer. In fact, if we're talking about his sister, it should be done privately—family matter.

''Absolutely. Come on in,'' He replies, smiling.

I step inside after glancing at Evelyn and Andrea as they quickly follow behind me. As soon as we step inside, we are greeted with a perfectly arranged and designed living room. This room has been organised modernly; leaving traces of a young bachelor.

''Nice place,'' Andrea compliments.

''Thanks,'' He smiles at the three of us, ''I don't mean to be rude or anything but may I ask why the three of you are here? You guys aren't just anybody. Emery's sister and wife are here; it's worth questioning,''

Evelyn and I glance at each other but she shoves it off by smiling at Cole; making her way towards him. Her eyes are piercing deeply into his—leaving him almost bewitched by her gaze, ''We came here to talk,'' She says, stating the truth as she sits down.

Cole confusingly stares at Evelyn and I before glancing at Andrea who has done nothing but stand beside me; protectively. As I make my way towards the sofa, he follows behind me before standing in the middle of Evelyn and I—showing dominance.

''About what, exactly?'' He frowns, slightly.

''Your sister,'' Andrea answers before I can. ''We came to talk about your sister, Hannah. She's not here in Australia, isn't she?'' He looks directly at him, making me shiver slightly at the hardness of his gaze.

I've been dealing with the sweet side of him. The kind of sweetheart that Evelyn has been describing and all of a sudden, he changes into someone who could be investigating or interrogating about something and is feared by everyone. It's like a different character.


''What do you mean? She came to see me last week and she seemed perfectly fine,'' He answers, raising his voice a little. Of course, he would be defending his sister because that's the right thing to do.

''She's in London. Pregnant,'' Evelyn states.

''Excuse me?'' His eyes widen in surprise, showing how he has no idea that any of this is happening.

I can't help but eye his every movement, his every gesture because I want to find the truth. If he doesn't know about his sister's condition and if he's telling the truth then we can trust him but if he's telling another lie, we don't have a choice but to back away.

Then, all of a sudden, he stops moving. His eyes are widening a little more before frowning and muttering curses under his breath as he glances up to look at me to look at my growing stomach. He stays still for a awhile, probably thinking about something.

''She is pregnant,'' He breathes out, ''She told me and she also said that the father is Emery. I told him but he didn't want to believe it,'' He adds, slowly.

''I wouldn't want to believe it either,'' I reply.

''In fact, I don't believe it, now. You see, Cole, I'm pregnant and this unborn baby is Emery's. This is the exact truth. The child that she is carrying does not belong to Emery—I came here to seek the truth about that uncertainty. You must know,'' I continue.

Both of his eyes are looking at me, deep down, I see sympathy and it soothes me slightly. He seems like a different version of Hannah; yes, her sister may have her own schemes but looking at Cole, he seems to be innocent. No matter how hard I seek for lies.

''I can't help you. I'm sorry,'' He mutters.

''Why? Why can't you help?'' I question, again.

Cole continues to look at us and I know that he's still thinking about this. He's probably hesitating whether he should just help us or let her sister ruin my marriage—there's a slight chance that he'll help.

He leans forward, ''What if he's the father? I wouldn't be doing any good to anyone because I'll end up blaming myself. She's my sister and I love her; if she's right, then, she has the right to confront him,''

''How can you be so sure that he's the father?''

''I'm not,'' He says after a few seconds of silence. ''But I'm not going to let you walk out of the door without finding answers. I want to find the truth and by that, I need to help you find the truth too,'' He adds.

Evelyn glances at my direction, realising that we're actually heading towards something. ''So, you'll help us? That's what you're trying to say?'' She asks.

He smiles slightly, ''Yes. I'll help you,''

Without me realising, I've already grabbed onto his hand to show my gratitude. He looks down at our hands before smiling up at me; making me smile back as I stare deeply into his pair of green eyes.

''Thank you. I appreciate it,'' I mutter, slowly.


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