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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 35


We stay still for the next few seconds, somehow, I feel like this is the truth that I've been looking for. The way he clenches his jaw in defeat; it shows it all.

''I'm sorry. I think you've mistaken,'' He replies.

Just as he's about to walk away, I stop him by placing my hand on his chest—looking straight into his eyes. Due to our heights, it's quite easy for him to just look away without piercing into my eyes. He can hide the truth by just denying everything and walk away.

''Is it true? You and Hannah?'' I ask, slowly.

He clenches his jaw again before sighing deeply.

My heart hopes for it to be true; so that, I can return home and this will all be over. As long as Daniel admits the truth then this will all be fine.

If only, he could look into my eyes with the same amount of sympathy that Cole has been showing. That would really make a difference, somehow, probably.

''Is it true?'' I ask again, this time louder.

It doesn't take him long to run his fingers through his hair, almost pulling them out before sighing deeply and turning to look directly at me. He seems a little bit confused; something must've happened.

''We hooked up a few times after he left. We didn't expect him to come back and I didn't expect her to get pregnant—it's all just unexpected. She was somehow, heartbroken, and I was helping her soothe the pain. She likes him, Emma. When Emery came back, she took it as her chance to get him back,'' He says.

''But he's married,'' I mutter under my breath.

''It didn't stop her, did it?'' He responds back.

''So, you knew about this all along?'' I ask, wanting to know if he has been helping her with this. There's not really another reason for me to stay here any longer if I've found out the truth because I miss him. I want to see him and just tell that we're going to be okay.

''She left after she told me,'' He replies.

Without further ado, I head back towards the restaurant with the dizziness in my head. Daniel calling me from behind but I waste no time glancing or even turning back to look at him. My mind is just somehow filled with confusions and anxiousness.

I enter the restaurant, revealing a worried Evelyn.

''Emma, where did you go?'' She asks, showing the amount of concern all over her face before she begins to glance at someone behind me; Daniel. Both of my hands are shaking in disbelief but I stand strong.

''We need to get back home,'' I breathe as I smile.

Andrea and Evelyn are looking at me in confusion but she smiles back while he just nods his head. They seem to know that I've probably found out something and they'll just agree with me. I look down at Cole and see him looking at Daniel; yet, I pay no attention.

We booked the quickest flight home because we don't bother wasting another second here; my mind has been fully occupied of Emery—of how he might react when he sees me. He might be mad at first but he'll understand how this is all worth it.

I turn my phone on, seeing incoming texts:

Please come home. —??

Why are you doing this to me? You won't reply my messages or even pick up my calls. Where are you, Emma? What were you thinking of leaving me here? —??

Are you mad at me? I'm sorry. —??

Baby, please just come home. —??

Don't do this to me. I miss you. I miss our baby. Come back, I'm begging you. —??

But I don't bother replying. Just a little bit longer and I'll be home in his arms; then, he'll understand. He has to wait a little bit longer—I'll be there.

After turning off my phone, the three of us head towards our assigned gate; and it takes me awhile to realise that Cole has been staring at us for the past few seconds but I just turn to look at him and smile in which he responds with a smile, too.

''You ready, Emma?'' Evelyn asks, from behind.

''Ready,'' I mutter under my breath before following them and leaving Cole staring at us. For some reason, this is the exact moment that I've been waiting for. To come home to Emery and tell him.

I stare at my wedding ring before closing my eyes.

Once we've landed in London, we waste no second to deal with our jet lags and just find a taxi. Evelyn has her hand on mine—making me smile at her. She smiles back before looking out at the window.

We're going to be okay, I keep on chanting.


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