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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 36


I instantly run down the empty hallway, ignoring the guards that has been guarding this floor; just incase someone barges in to sabotage us. Things are slightly different now, us, royalties aren't able to be in public for too long because we worry about our safety.

My legs come to a halt as I see Evelyn and my mother wiping away their fallen tears while Andrea tries his best to soothe her—then, I'm noticed by them. I make my way towards them, realising that I'm late.

''Let me see her,'' I say, trying to get inside.

But, Evelyn stopped me before I could.

''The doctors are in with her; she's going through surgery and it'll be quite long,'' She mutters from behind, making me look at her in confusion. Then, realisation hits me once more; our baby.

''No. This can't be,'' I breathe out in disbelief. ''What did the doctors say, Evelyn? What did they say about her? What about the baby? What the hell is going on? God, I can't—'' I am left gasping for air; my heart has never felt this much of a pain or suffer.

''Emery, I'm so sorry,'' She hesitates to say.

''It's all my fault,'' I mutter under my breath; loud enough for me to hear. This is all my fault, indeed because if I was there, we wouldn't be here.

With no hope or opportunity, I fall onto the ground before leaning my head against the wall. My mind can only think of Emma and our baby; the baby that we were going to raise, a child of our own. That was the beginning of our happiness—a miracle.

I close my eyes, hoping this is just a nightmare.

''We should get a puppy,'' She says, her lips curving up into a smile as she stares deeply into my eyes. As for me, I can't help but agree; the way her beauty just melts me in every way possible. It's crazy.

''A puppy, huh?'' I question, caressing her cheek.

''I've always wanted a Siberian Husky. They're alert, outgoing, gentle, friendly and even intelligent. It'll be great to have more company around,'' She mutters. Without me realising, she has already pulled me to sit up straight so that she can sit on my lap.

Her brown eyes are staring directly into mine.

I lean forward to kiss her on the lips, feeling the warmth and the softness of it. She responds back by kissing me gently; following the rhythm. Both of her hands are on my neck, pulling me closer.

''Daddy!'' We are interrupted by our little girl, running and heading towards us with a flower in her hand as she giggles—catching our attention.

My heart warms at the sight of her as she sits beside me before letting me pull her so that she'll be able to sit on my lap after Emma has moved away. Her light brown eyes and light brown hair are radiant due to the sun shining brightly above her head.

''I want a puppy too,'' She giggles, smiling.

''Mummy must've talked to you to persuade me, huh? Now, both of you wants a puppy,'' I raise an eyebrow at my wife, seeing that she's currently chuckling at my behaviour. As for our daughter, she won't stop poking my face and smiling widely.

She's known for that; beautiful smile.

''Please, daddy. Can we get a puppy?'' Her big round eyes are always tempting me to give in. She would know what to do or how to do when she wants something; she always achieve it. I can never say no to a beautiful little girl like her—it's crazy how having a daughter or even a child, changes everything.

''Of course we can. In fact, we'll get one today,'' I reply and she starts to jump up and down after tucking the flower behind my ear; making me look like one of her dolls. Emma won't stop laughing once she sees me looking like this but hey, I like it.

My baby girl starts to hug me around the neck, making me pat onto her back before pulling her close. Then, ''I love you, daddy.'' She whispers.

I look up at my wife, seeing her eyes tearing up but her smile never fading away. Once I've reached for her hand, I begin squeezing it, ''I love you more,'' I answer; stating the truth, loud and clear.

''Let's go get a puppy!'' She exclaims, happily.

Emma and I laugh at her behaviour, realising how she's much more like her mother. The way her eyes are always attracting people and how her small little nose just makes her look cute; she's adorable. My daughter is an adorable, beautiful, girl.

And I'm more than thankful to have two beautiful girls in my life—my wife and my daughter.

''Your Highness?'' I am awaken by the sound of someone calling out which causes me to look around and see that mother has left; leaving Evelyn and I.

I immediately stand up straight, gesturing for the doctor to continue on speaking. Evelyn smiles at me before patting onto my back, ''I'll be back in a couple of hours, okay?'' She says, pecking onto my cheek as she walks away down the hall; leaving me.

''How's my wife? Is she okay? Our baby?'' I ask.

The doctor clears his throat as he looks down at the ground before looking back up at me, ''I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we weren't able to save your baby. Your wife was bleeding badly and it affected the baby,'' He replies, sympathy showing in his eyes.

''But your wife is inside, waiting for you. She is stable and healing,'' He continues before walking down the hall and leaving me thinking of the dream I had minutes ago and the reality that I'm facing.

Without further ado, I head inside, seeing that I'm greeted with a beeping sound; making me turn to see Emma laying on the bed with her eyes closed. My lips curving up into a smile at the sight of her but sadness consumes me when I realise that it's just her.


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