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Emery: A Prince's Adventure novel Chapter 9


''You look beautiful, my dear.'' The queen says, smiling at me as she eyes down my dress while Emery and I stand next to each other, trying to reduce the awkwardness between us.

I look up at Emery, seeing him smirking as he glances down at my face—leaving my cheeks heating up. Then, I feel his hand on my waist, ''Clearly she's much more beautiful than the girls you've chosen before,'' He says, sarcastically.

''I can't seem to deny,'' The queen replies.

My lips curve up into a small smile, not really knowing what to respond as I keep quiet. Only keeping up with their conversation; hardly enough, I can't seem to respond with anything.

Emery clears his throat as he smiles playfully.

''Excuse me, Your Grace.'' One of the men says as he smiles at the queen. She smiles at us for a few seconds before making her way towards the crowd; socialising. I am only left staring at her back.

I turn to look at the mirror on the wall, seeing that I am perfectly dressed in a long black dress—defining my curves in the beautifulest way possible. From the side, I can see my waist and my hip could possibly be a seduction for men; that's probably one of the reason why most of them have been staring.

Yet, Emery has been standing beside me from the very beginning. Not quite sure of his intentions but I'm not complaining.

When I glance down at him, I can't seem to deny his attractiveness. As he stands tall with his confidence high, I can hardly spot a single flaw. He is in his black suit—he didn't seemed to wear his royal suit; that's what the servants have been saying in the hallways.

''Take a picture, it'll lasts longer.'' He says.


I quickly look away, trying to avoid his gaze but I fail once I hear him chuckle. His hand on my waist doesn't seem to be loosening any time soon. I may be slightly uncomfortable from his touch but deep inside, I'm screaming hallelujah.

''I think I should be the one saying that,'' I reply.

Then, I make my way towards the middle, leaving him staring at my back. Purposely, I sway my hips side to the side as I walk in a sexy and seductive manner. When I turn my head to the side, I see a few men staring but they don't matter, I only turn to look at Emery.

It surprises me to see him focusing on my body from behind yet he manages to hide it perfectly. He smiles but both of his eyes never seem to look away from me; even when there are decent women around. I can't help but smile to myself—feeling proud.

As I stand in the middle, I turn to the side, seeing him staring at me from my legs and up to my face; eyeing every inch of my body without even caring if people are looking at us.

To my surprise, he starts to make his way towards me, leaving other people looking at us as they whisper to themselves. They don't matter, I repeat in my head. Once he's close enough, he runs one of his hands at my back before slowly sliding down near my hips; causing me to look up at him.

I can't seem to breathe properly.

Our faces are inches apart but our lips seem too far. Yet, I can sense his aura; leaving me utterly speechless at his presence. I didn't know that I would have any sort of effect to him but it's clear that I do.

He leans in closer towards me before brushing his lips against my cheek, making me hold in my breath immediately, ''I don't like seeing you grabbing other men's attention.'' He whispers, causing me to slightly turn around and see most young men looking at me.


Then, he runs the back of his hand on the side of my face.

''What can I say? I attract everyone, not just men.'' I whisper back, purposely brushing my lips near his. It's quite a surprise to see him clenching his jaw when I leaned in.

''Only attract me, that'll be enough.'' He replies.

Without me realising, I am already laughing which seems to catches his attention as he looks down at my red coloured lips. I look straight into his eyes; loving how they are staring back at me with the same warmth. He's undeniably attractive. Yes.

''You'll have a lifetime with me, don't worry.'' I wink.

When I realise that we'll be attached for the rest of our lives, I quickly look down with a frown. Somehow, we were both disagreeing but now we are completely agreeing with marriage. How insane does it sound?

I, Emma Faye Parker will be marrying a prince.

''I don't know if we will actually last a lifetime,'' He replies, looking directly into my eyes, ''A lot can happen, Emma. We might end up hating each other and when that happens, it will probably be too late for us to go back. We wouldn't be able to start again.''

I keep quiet, listening to him, ''There are a few things that I fear once I am fully committed to someone for the rest of my life. I may not be a great husband but I'll try, we wouldn't have to dislike each other. Love is completely out of topic but we'll never know,'' He adds.

''Do you see that?'' I question.

''See what?''

''Love. Do you see love with me?''

He furrow his eyebrows in confusion and I know he wants to say no. He's trying to stay on my good side; I truly understand. Truth be told, I might not see myself loving him either—yet. It terrifies somehow.


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