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Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness novel Chapter 10

Jonas narrowed his eyes and looked at Melinda who was leaving for her room. Part of him felt that things had changed between them. There was no difference from how things were before, but his heart told him that something was going on. He couldn't figure out what was happening.

But he had a strong feeling that Melinda had become more cunning. He had to be careful with her. After casting a glance at Yulia, Jonas turned around, and left the hall. He had promised Emily that he would help her pick the right outfit.

Melinda had been resting well for the past few days. She felt a fresh burst of strength surge through her veins. She went back to her room, put on a coat, and went to the garden. Then she saw the nanny, who had packed her things, preparing to leave. Her eyes widened with shock.

"Are you really going to leave?"

Melinda thought that the nanny had talked about quitting only because she was angry. She didn't expect it to be true. After all, the Gu's mansion paid a hefty salary. No one would have the heart to leave a job that paid them well.

"Yeah. That crazy woman wouldn't let me work in peace. I cannot stand her accusations," the nanny said.

Melinda felt that the nanny was a righteous woman. It was reasonable for her to quit the job. Yulia was a vindictive woman who made others suffer.

"I understand, but not everyone's like her.

I can ask the butler to arrange a better job for you in the mansion. All you've gotten to do is just keep your distance from Yulia." Melinda tried persuading the nanny, but she was determined to leave.

"It's alright, she is a maniac. If I continue to work here, I'm sure she will find a way to turn my life into hell." Then the nanny turned to look at Melinda and held her hands. "Mrs. Gu, you're a good person. I can't imagine how you've been tolerating her all these years. I was also weak in the beginning, afraid of talking back. But then I realized that nothing is more important than self-respect. Sometimes we've gotten to place ourselves above others. If we don't stand up for ourselves, then who will?"

The nanny smiled. Melinda could understand her feelings. She had been incredibly naive and endured Yulia's torture without uttering a word about it to anyone.

It had taken all these years for Melinda to understand her worth. She didn't deserve any of this and finally got the courage to divorce Jonas.

"I'm sorry, everything is my fault. Yulia was mean to you only because you were taking care of me. One second." Melinda turned around and quickly went upstairs, without giving a chance for the nanny to respond. She went to her room and opened a small cabinet. Then she grabbed some money and went back to the garden.

Melinda smiled and gave the money to the nanny. "Thank you for taking care of me. Please accept this money. Consider it as your salary for looking after me." The nanny opened her mouth to say something but Melinda cut in, "Please don't refuse it. I can manage here but I know this money is important for you."

"Thank you." The nanny smiled gratefully. She put the money inside her pocket and left.

Melinda was right. She needed the money to make ends meet. Moreover, the nanny had slapped Yulia. God knew whether she would go to any extent to torture the nanny even if she stopped working for the Gu family.

"Aww, you two make the perfect master and servant duo. The love you two share is heart-warming."

Yulia snickered. Melinda was lost in thought and had failed to notice Yulia who was standing behind her.

She turned around to look at Yulia. The latter was glaring at her, mad at Melinda for messing up with her. She had never been humiliated before and wanted Melinda to pay for her actions.

"Yulia, why are you like this? You always bully the weak just because they can't do anything to you. It's nothing to be proud of. Find your right opponent and defeat them. Stop going after innocent people. You're just a fucking coward!"

Melinda felt that Yulia hadn't learned her lesson yet. She had forgotten Melinda's threat and was trying to provoke her again.

"I'm a coward, huh? You're being ridiculous, Melinda. You think too much of yourself, don't you? Don't forget that my brother hates you and you mean nothing to the Gu family. Stop blaming me for your plight." Yulia smirked. No one was around and she didn't have to pretend like she cared for Melinda.

"You're too funny, Yulia. I'm your sister-in-law. Don't forget that."

Melinda arched an eyebrow and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Don't be too arrogant, Melinda. My brother will divorce you soon. You're a cunning bitch. You don't deserve my brother," Yulia roared.

But she was disappointed to see Melinda's reaction.

A slow grin stretched on her lips. "That's exactly what I want."

Yulia's eyes widened. Melinda would always become frustrated at the mention of divorce. Yulia didn't understand why she was suddenly eager to divorce Jonas. Yulia wondered what had happened to her. Was she the person she had bullied all these years?

Yulia rubbed her eyes and looked at Melinda almost as if she wanted to make sure that she was talking to her.

Melinda had always been weak and vulnerable. Yulia was not used to seeing her like this. Melinda's words were still ringing in her ears.

"Do you know what you are talking about?" Yulia swallowed loudly and asked in disbelief.

"Yulia, if you're as smart as you claim yourself to be, advise your brother to sign the divorce papers soon. I don't deserve a cheating scumbag like him. I pity your mother, Yulia. Thank God, I'm luckier. I wouldn't want to live a life like that."

Melinda leered at Yulia who was shaking with anger. She had said those words only to provoke Yulia. She was satisfied to see the anger and frustration on her face.

Yulia's anger was evident and she couldn't hide it anymore. Melinda had hit her weak spot and a wave of emotions gushed out of her.


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