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Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness novel Chapter 17

"Since you have moved all your stuff here, do you plan to rent that house?" Kent asked. He was surprised to hear that Melinda wanted to rent an apartment when she had a home of her own.

"No, that's alright, I'll just leave it there for the time being."

Jonas knew the address to that house, so she wanted to change her living quarters and find a new place. Though, at the back of her mind, she was aware that there wasn't anywhere under the sun where she could hide from Jonas, if he wanted to find her.

"I have been too much trouble for you of late. I need to make it up to you. When I settle down, I'll treat you to a meal," Melinda stated while grateful.

Kent had always stood by her and always been there for her, when she needed support. However, there were some feelings that were cropping up and she didn't think she wanted to reciprocate them.

Melinda felt more comfortable living alone. She needed to be independent and to learn not to rely on others. Soon her life would be back to normal.

Nelson returned back to the Gu's mansion a week later. As soon as he arrived, he summoned Jonas to come home immediately.

"What is this that I have been hearing? If you don't give me an explanation today, I will..." Nelson reprimanded Jonas while still holding onto his crutch, but he was interrupted by the incessant ringing of a phone. Jonas was literally saved by the bell, but he instantly had a deep frown and his face became stiff when he saw the name of the caller.

"It's Mellie, answer it and put her on speaker phone."

Nelson had sharp eyes. Immediately he saw that it was Melinda who was calling. He ordered Jonas to put her on loud speaker so he could hear their conversation. He knew something was up but no one was telling him the truth. Jonas had no choice but to do as the old man ordered.

"Wow. So this phone actually works, my call has finally gone through this time and been picked." Melinda's surprised voice rang through the room. Hearing her statement, Nelson glared at Jonas, expressing his obvious disappointment at his grandson's behavior.

Jonas's eyes turned cold. He even wished he could use his cold voice to freeze Melinda.

"Why are you looking for me?"

"Jonas, what exactly do you want me to do to make you sign the divorce papers? What on earth do you want? Even Emily wants you to give me the divorce, right? Besides, the law will still grant the divorce as long as we have lived apart for more than two years," Melinda said, sounding agitated.

Meanwhile, Nelson's eyes seemed to grow bigger and widen with every sentence she said. They were as big as saucers filled with shock and anger. "I will not let you two get a divorce, neither are you going to live separately!"

"Grandpa?" cried Melinda in shock at the old man's declaration.

"Mellie, don't be afraid, I will help you and deal with my grandson accordingly!"

Nelson was always gentle and kind to Melinda, but he wasn't as gentle and loving to his own grandson, Jonas. He nearly never showed him any form of affection.

The phone was soon hung up before Melinda could react. At the Gu's mansion, the two looked at each other coldly.

"You don't need to go to work tomorrow. You have to sort this mess you have created with Melinda, to begin with, organize for a date with her. There must only be two of you in your marriage and make sure that you take her home tomorrow night after your date. It's not proper for a couple to live separately," ordered Nelson.

Yulia, who had been listening in on their conversation clenched her teeth in anger. She didn't understand why Nelson protected Melinda this much.

Queena didn't like Melinda, but she couldn't refute the sense in Nelson's words. Even though Jonas was unwilling to do the things Nelson demanded, he still nodded, "I got it."

"Jon, everything I do is always for your own good. I hope you can understand that." Since Jonas wasn't resisting his advice or acting tough, Nelson softened his tone and patted Jonas on the shoulder, a sign of good faith as he sighed.

Melinda was still confused. Before she could figure out what was going on, she received a call from Nelson. He wanted to see her tomorrow. She couldn't refuse since he didn't even give her time to argue before disconnecting the call.

Following the address given by Nelson, Jonas arrived at the community and received a lot of furtive glances from strangers who were mainly middle-aged women. It was an ordinary community, so they were not used to celebrities and the rich and famous coming to the place, especially one as handsome as Jonas.

The middle-aged women stopped dancing and began to talk about Jonas.

Such open disregard for his privacy made Jonas upset and his face turned colder.

When Melinda opened the door, Jonas's cold face like a stone statue greeted her, which made her very unhappy.

"Why do you live in a such a despicable place?" Jonas looked around and was not impressed by what he saw. He concluded that the ceiling was low considering he was relatively tall, and the inside was too narrow for his frame.

"Mr. Gu, I didn't invite you here, did I?"

Leaning against the fridge, Melinda said coldly while looking at Jonas. She took a bottle of drink out of the fridge and threw it to Jonas, not caring whether he would catch it or not, secretly hoping that it would hit his cold face.

Jonas had never seen her like this before. This new side of hers made him very intrigued, as if he had opened the door to a new world, but then he immediately changed his mind and pulled a long face. 'This must be a new strategy she is using,' he thought.

"Let's go."

"What? Where are we going?"

"On a date." Hearing him spit those words with venom through his gritted teeth, Melinda opened her eyes wide and wanted to burst into laughter, regardless of her image.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" Jonas asked seeming disinterested in the whole thing. Thinking of Nelson's speech and his tone last night coupled with Jonas's accusation, she almost could make a guess on what had happened.


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