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Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness novel Chapter 32

Although there was no newspaper report about the divorce, those who had known and showed deep concern on Jonas’s situation knew, because of Holley and Yulia.

The position as Mrs. Gu had attracted so many people, but Nelson seemed to be in the middle of the Himalayan range. So far, only Melinda had crossed the line alone. Even Emily, who Jonas favored, got stuck there.

"Please execute your duty as Mrs. Gu cautiously," said Jonas. Melinda's mocking on him was not much of a gesture, but he took the contract.

"Don’t worry. I won’t disappoint you,"

Melinda said with a smile, and then stopped talking nonsense with Jonas. Glancing at the man she once loved felt like torture now. Just the sight of him made her uncomfortable.

Nelson called Jonas three times daily to ask him about the progress of taking Melinda back. When Jonas arrived home, he took out the marriage agreement and gave it straight to his grandfather. It thrilled Nelson, and he was as happy as a child.

"You’ve been reliable once. Throw away what Mellie owned before. Let’s buy brand new ones. Ask Gavin to arrange a car. You and I will pick her up personally."

The delightful news pleased Nelson. This was the only fortunate thing that had made him cheerful these days. He even considered Jonas to be less irritating. Jonas had never expected that the old man would be so vigorous and decisive. It was only a matter of time before Melinda moved back.

Jonas followed Nelson’s request to pick up Melinda in person. Gavin quickly arranged for someone to buy something latest and fresh for Melinda. When Yulia heard the news, her entire family kept busy preparing for Melinda’s return.

After returning home, Melinda packed up her things. In fact, she didn’t have much, just a few sets of simple clothes. Although she would live in the Gu’s mansion, she wasn’t ready to give up her apartment, where she left many belongings there.

The Gu family was not short on cash. Still, she brought her things back to their house since it was of little importance to them.

When the doorbell rang, Melinda assumed it was Kent. Opening the door, she saw Nelson grinning at her. "My child, Grandpa came to take you home," said Nelson lovingly.

Melinda almost cried after hearing his words, but she restrained herself. The Gu’s mansion had never been her home, but it had Nelson, who loved her most.

"Grandpa, what are you doing here?"

Melinda swiftly stepped aside and let Nelson enter the living room. She ignored Jonas who was following closely behind.

After seeing that Melinda was packing, Nelson told her that the family had bought extra clothing at home, and asked her to go back at once. Melinda did not refuse and finally brought just her laptop.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Nelson missed her so much and kept craving for affection, which made Melinda feel very guilty. Jonas, who continued to be an invisible man, drove them back to the mansion.

As he glanced at the cordial atmosphere in the car’s back seat, his mouth curved into a slight smile. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t see it at all.

Gavin worked efficiently. Within a brief period, he had remodeled the bedroom. Yulia was green with envy. As a member of the Gu family, she didn’t get such special treatment.

Melinda made her way to the mansion again. She felt distant and tensed, and scenes of humiliation flashed back on her mind.

"Gavin, why did you let this woman in? Aren’t you afraid that she will stain the floors of the mansion with filth?" Yulia’s voice rang out, full of obvious hatred.

She always took the chance to embarrass Melinda on all occasions, which was still the case. A heavy silence fell upon the room.

Many people in the mansion wondered whether Melinda’s return had turned over to a more peaceful situation. Now, they covered their mouths and snickered after witnessing how Yulia humiliated her.

Melinda clenched her fists into knots several times, loosening them after a moment, but did not say a word.

"Poor Melinda, have you forgotten that you’ve divorced my brother? Or you’re using Grandpa to force my brother into marrying you again? You’ve used the same trick before, don’t you feel cheap?"

Melinda didn’t contradict her, which made Yulia more cocky. Nelson’s pleasant mood disappeared at this moment. He frowned heavily, and even the eyes of Jonas flashed with dismay.

He thought Melinda would put up a fight. After all, she was so indifferent at the time of the negotiations. But he didn’t expect that she would act the same way as before, and just kept silent as things unfold before her.

"Jonas, it’s such a pity for you to face this woman again." Yulia kept on babbling nonstop. Melinda just stood there, and no one noticed if she was listening.

She did nothing, but Nelson grew furious. He ultimately won Melinda back, and the last thing he wanted was for anyone to shame her.

"Yulia, you are old enough. If you keep talking like this, just move out."

Nelson’s words had never been a joke. The mansion was enormous, like a starred hotel. Although not that high, it was still more luxurious than a hotel.

Yulia was a woman who liked to show off. Why would she be eager to move out? She went silent that instant. But her eyes, which seemed to speak, stared at Melinda long and hard.

The mood in the mansion became strange again. Nelson sympathized with Melinda, and he also intended for her to spend more time with Jonas. He let Jonas accompany her back to the bedroom.


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