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Follow Me novel Chapter 38

Cohen 's eyes flickered, but the smile on his lips kept expanding. “Why should I be guilty?”

Sadie narrowed her eyes and not answering his words with a smile.

The atmosphere suddenly became silent. The sunlight went into the window, the light fell to her side. Shoulder-lengthed hair seemed to be gilded with a layer of light, reflecting the innocent smiling face, so peaceful and yet so bizarre.

Cohen was a bit stunned. Although she was smiling, he felt that the smile was cold and scary.

Julian often showed such an expression. If you were unfamiliar with his, you will think he had a good temper.

His excellent temper had only been given to one person; that person was Sadie.

Sadie was forgetting Julian, forgetting everything in the Mccarthy family, but carrying the thing that he left on her.

Her sense of bland and introverted was beyond the age of maturity and indifference.

“Mr Cohen or I should call you Dr Cohen.” Sadie suddenly spoke, “Am I sick?”

“Nothing.” Cohen smiled with a nonchalant expression, but the dark tide raged in his heart.

He regretted taking this commission from Julian and Sadie was not as dumb as he thought; she was smart and very cunning.

Usually, performing personalities were the ones who showed such perversions, yet he was confident that she was not.

“Thank you very much, Mr Cohen, for coming over for a visit.” Sadie blinked at him and deliberately gave a big yawn. "I still have some headache; can you go out?

There was a substantial rejection in the soft voice.

Cohen was wondering, Julian was really not good at teaching, he just made her as weird as him.

After exiting the ward, he stood in the corridor and pondered for a moment, took out the recording pen from his bag, opened it, walked into the ward again and said, “I will help you keep the secret, but you have to promise me one request.”

“What request?” Sadie smiled to ask.

Cohen was very sensible, knew she would not cooperate and immediately chose to cooperate.

Initially, she wanted to pretend that she had been successfully washed out of her memory while she was hypnotized, but that would be too risky.

Julian was not that good at deception, he had already begun to suspect her, and once the thing started, it was hard to go back.

So, she needed an accomplice that she trusted.

This person was none other than Cohen Palmer.

“Do me a favour.” Cohen leaned over and lowered his voice to whisper. “Get the research and development information of DHG Group's new product.”

Sadie was stunned. “Are you his best buddy?”

What kind of buddy was it that he wanted the research and development information of the new product of the DHG Group?

“We are buddies, but also competitors.” Cohen said. After that, he raised his eyebrow and said to Sadie, “You can think about it.”

DHG Group's new products had not yet been established, and many of the projects currently underway were already done and had a particular market share.

He gave this seemingly legitimate reason to keep her by Julian's side for at least a year, and by then, he was confident that she would recover all her memories.

But he was just not sure if she would dare to gamble or not.

He was looking forward to seeing Julian struggle with Sadie; because she was the best student he had ever taught.

Sadie was enveloped in his gaze, hands unconsciously clenched into fists, and thinking about it.


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