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Follow Me novel Chapter 59

Sadie heard this and could not help but laugh, as she took back her own phone unexpectedly.

She had experienced such tactics for uncountable times when she was working at her part-time job, and they really thought she could not see through it.

She raised an eyebrow and put her hand onto Paige’s shoulder. A light smile curled on her lips, “The policemen would be glad to help to investigate if the thing had indeed disappeared, don’t you think so?”

Paige shrunk, her limbs feeling cold as her lips quivered, but no sound came from it.

At that moment, the aura that was emanating from Sadie’s being was filled with intimidation.

It was an aura of pride that she was born with. She had been bullied a lot by Melissa when she was little, so she was especially familiar with this aura.

Sadie was merely an orphan that was taken in by the welfare house, why would she have such an aura?

Gritting her teeth, she clapped her hands together and raised her chin high. “You’re the poorest in this whole dormitory, so I have the reason to believe that you stole it!”

“Just because I’m poor, so you assume that I stole it?” Sadie’s tone went cold, as she spoke sarcastically. “Or do you see poverty as a sin? Yet I don’t see how rich the West family is.”

The events that had happened recently had already caused her mood to be quite bad, and further she was provoked by Otto during her morning run just now. She was now explosive at the slightest prod, and she would not leave her any mercy.

She did not know how the West family was, but she heard from Otto once that they were merely an upstart family slightly better than the middle class, yet they kept trying to assimilate into their ranks every day.

“What do you mean!” what she said hit home to Paige, and the anger inside of her raised tremendously, as she pushed her away strongly. “The West family was no rich and powerful family, but it’s still a hundred times better than you, orphan!”

Sadie did not expect her to get physical, and she stumbled. Her head knocked heavily onto the rim of the bunk bed, and immediately it hurt so bad that her vision went black.

“Sadie!” Daisy anxiously went to help her help, as her face went pale from fear, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Sadie held back the dizzy feeling, holding onto her arm. She forced herself to stand up.

Paige did not know that she was in deep trouble at all, as she sniggered in despise, “Poor wretch, if you can’t afford it then don’t use it, being so lowly that you stole from others.”

Sadie squinted as her chilly gaze landed on her for a while, and she turned and smiled at Daisy, “We have to call the police about this, I don’t believe that no one can have a say about this.”

Daisy came to her senses, and immediately picked up her phone, wanting to call the police.

Riley who was watching from the side saw that the situation was going south, hurriedly tried to mediate the matter. She decided by her own that this matter was done with and then she pulled Paige outside.

“Ouch…” Sadie exclaimed, rubbing her pained forehead. She reached her leg out, hooked a chair over and sat down.

“Are we just going to let these drama queens go?” Daisy was very unsatisfied.

The installation of the surveillance cameras were requested by her family, in order to make sure that she was not bullied at school.

But now she was bullied so badly and yet she decided to keep things low, she really should not have done so.

“You already know well that they’re drama queens, how would they possibly let it go like this?” Sadie shrugged as she flinched and asked if she had any medicine.

The collision was quite hard, she did not know if it would swell.

“I’ll get it for you,” Daisy took her hand away. She stared at the bag above her head for a while, opened the drawer of the computer desk and took out a bottle of medicinal spray from within.

Time was almost up when they finished applying the medicine.

The two tidied up and went downstairs for breakfast, then they went for class.

There were not many classes on the weekends, only two periods in the morning. When Sadie came out from the classroom she received a call from Libby unexpectedly.

Chapter 59 Drama Queen 1


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