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Hard To Say Goodbye novel Chapter 54

With bags of things in her hands, Nora entered the office. After a simple cleaning, she went out in a hurry. She wanted to let her colleagues taste the local specialities she brought from hometown.

Nora was about to give one portion to Laquisha, but there was no people answer inside when she knocked on the door. She had no choice but to go to Ryan's office and give him one. It turned out that Laquisha was in his office.

"I didn't see you in your office when I knocked the door. It turns out that you are in the office of Agent Ryan. This is some local products I brought from my hometown. You can have a try."

"Thank you for bringing us delicious food. Thank you very much," said Laquisha with a smile.

Nora said, "I should thank you. Thank you for taking care of me, tolerating me and understanding me for so long."

Ryan looked at the two beautiful women and said, "You two don't need to say thank you to each other. Since we can work in the same company, maybe it's destiny."

The world was so big that they could meet each other in the boundless huge crowd. It really depended on fate. If they could get together and become friends with each other, that must mean that god arranged it.

After saying goodbye to the two of them, Nora walked out of the office. She also prepared one portion for Cecilia and Emily.

When she came to Emily's office, Cecilia happened to open the door and come out. Nora almost bumped into her. Nora handed the local specialty to Cecilia and said, "This is for you. I brought it from my hometown."

Cecilia smiled and said to Nora, "Thank you for thinking of me whenever you have anything good. You are so nice!"

"Don't flatter yourself. I don't only miss you," said Nora jokingly. Then they smiled.

Cecilia went out for some business. After watching Cecilia leave the office, Nora pushed the door open and walked in. After being polite for a while, she handed one portion of local specialities to Emily.

After distributing the local products, she went back to her office and poured a glass of water. She was about to sit down and have a rest.

Sitting on the sofa with a glass of water in her hand, Nora wondered if what she said to Hal at the gate of the company this morning. Was it too abrupt? But for on a second thought, if she didn't tell him the truth, he would misunderstand her all the time, and then she really couldn't explain it clearly.

She hoped that Hal would not blame her for not being sad for a while. She did it out of kindness. It was a short time and it was easy to explain the misunderstanding.

She hoped that Hal could get rid of this shadow as soon as possible, then find a girl who really liked him, find the happiness belonging to them as soon as possible, and build a happy family together.

When Grace came back home from work and saw that Nora was washing clothes, she thought of what had happened in the company during the day. She thought it was necessary to ask Nora about Hal.

She squatted beside Nora and asked, "May I ask you something? How is your relationship with Hal now?"

Nora stared at Grace in daze and said. "Now even you doubt what will happen between me and Hal? Are you still my best friend?"

Grace didn't know that her unintentional words made Nora happy again. She just wanted to figure out what had happened between them, which made Hal lost his soul.

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