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Hey, My Twins Babies novel Chapter 935

Thomas' affairs came to an end. Then Winnie had time to sort out the matters between the Chambers family and the Bennet family.

Especially her sister and aunt...

She wanted to call her aunt, letting her come back to make it clear to her sister in person.

But her aunt had already come back. Not only that, she also took Vanessa to the Bennet family. Rufus called Winnie.

"Winwin, your aunt and I decided to personally explain to Vanessa today. For so many years, I owe Vanessa too much. She is my daughter, but... was deceived by us. I don’t know whether she won't forgive us so quickly. If she comes to you, please take care of her. Your aunt and I are already old. We just want to live at peace." Rufus's voice was heavy. Winnie could even imagine how haggard he was now.

"I will. Vanessa... No matter what, she's my sister."

After hanging up the phone, Winnie waited at home for Vanessa.

She knew that Vanessa would definitely come back to look for her. They were not real sisters, but their relationship was better than real sisters’. For Vanessa, Winnie was important. She was also very important to Winnie.

Winnie took out the photo of Vanessa and her. Then she rubbed her cold fingers on the frame. She began to recall the past.

She once thought that she had only Vanessa as her family in the world. But now, Vanessa didn’t belong to the Chambers family, but the Bennet family. Again, she was alone.

Fate always teased people like this.

Winnie didn't know how long it took. When she leaned on the sofa and was about to fall asleep, someone came in outside the door.

The wind from outside blew in, waking up Winnie.

She looked over. It was Vanessa.

When Vanessa came back, she had already wiped away her tears. But when she saw her sister, her tears burst out again, "Sister..." Her voice was hoarse. She finally shouted the word.

Winnie knew that she must be at a loss now. So she stepped forward to hug Vanessa, "Don't worry. Take it easy. We are still a family, and we will always be a family."

Vanessa hugged her tightly and didn't say more.

The two held each other for a long time. When Winnie thought that Vanessa almost calmed down, she wanted to cook some food for her, but someone came in again.

It was Brian.

"Why are you here?" Winnie was taken aback when she opened the door. If Vanessa saw him, Winnie really didn't know what to do.

"I miss you." Brian could always say some sweet words now.

Winnie was blushed. Then Brian went in. Winnie couldn't stop him at all.

But thinking of Vanessa, Winnie turned around, ready to let Brian leave. Unfortunately, Vanessa had already stood opposite them.

"Sister, who's here?"

Vanessa came out of the kitchen. When she saw Brian, her face suddenly sank.

"It’s...your brother." Winnie murmured.

Vanessa was silent. Now, she didn't even want to greet Brian.

"Sister." Brian also knew that matter. He had already let everything go. So he took the initiative to get close to this half-sister.

Unfortunately, Vanessa glanced at him coldly and turned upstairs.

Winnie sighed, "Don't force Vanessa. It is too difficult for her to accept all this. I thought I was the most miserable one. Now, I think that Vanessa is the most miserable one. Her parents are all there. But none of them recognized her, especially my aunt. How can she let Vanessa call her aunt for so many years? Well, give her some time, Brian."

Brian held Winnie's hand, nodded and agreed, "Okay, I'll listen to you."

In the next month, the people from the Bennet family kept coming to Vanessa, all trying to get closer to her. Besides, Winnie also talked a lot to her. Then Vanessa accepted the fact. However, she didn’t know how to get along with her parents.

While Vanessa was still struggling with herself, Brian decided to remarry Vanessa and then hold the wedding.

When Vanessa saw her sister was so happy at the wedding, and Isobel held Rufus’ hand, she suddenly let go of everything.

The wedding venue was in the banquet hall of the Bennet Group, which was much more magnificent than star hotels. Besides, it was Brian’s wedding, so the layout of the venue had cost a lot of money, which fully reflected the talent of the designer.

Romantic and beautiful! Gorgeous and dazzling! The stage was dazzling. The guests who came to the wedding were stunned. They had not seen such a high-end and amazing wedding scene.

As for the guests, even though Winnie had asked not to invite too many people before, well-known businessmen and leaders from all walks of life came here, despite the rush of time. Not to mention the friends and relatives of their families, they all arrived early.

But Winnie hadn't seen all of this. She hadn't gone out since she entered the lounge through the back door.

"How long will it take?"

Winnie asked the makeup artist cautiously, seeming a little impatient.


The makeup artist answered with confidence. She must make a perfect makeup for Winnie.

"Mrs. Bennet is perfect. There is no place that need to be modified on your face, which can’t show my talents."

This was the third time the makeup artist praised her. Winnie felt a little flattered, but Brian liked to listen.

He felt that the makeup artist was telling the truth. His wife was the prettiest woman in the world.

"Where is Daenerys? Is she ready?"

Winnie changed the subject. She didn’t like these flattering words.

"You guys are in different lounges. I guess they will be slower than you. After all, makeup artists have to show their talents."


Brian was joking. If Daenerys and Emily heard it, they would definitely complain to Winnie.

"The two of them are going to kill you in a while."

Winnie also smiled.

"Done! Perfect."

The makeup artist finally finished it, and couldn't help but praised.

"My wife is the prettiest woman in the world."

Winnie didn't say anything, but Brian couldn't help it.

The more he looked at Winnie, the more he felt that his choice was the most correct.

"Okay, get ready. The wedding will begin soon. But we should be the last to appear."

Brian heard the host's voice from the earphones, and then told Winnie to be ready.

"I'm a little nervous. Don't I really need to prepare?"

Winnie never did anything unprepared, but she was unprepared for her wedding. She didn't even prepare a copy of her speech.

"I’m with you. You don't need to prepare for anything. Don't be nervous. I will take you to have a look first."

Brian stood up and pulled Winnie out of the lounge.

After they were taken to the waiting area by the staff, Daenerys and the others were already in place.

"It turns out that you get well-prepared."

Daenerys whispered. If it weren't that she wearing the wedding dress and had to be more dignified, she wouldn’t speak like this.

"I don't know anything. Brian made this."

Winnie was responding to Daenerys while looking at the splendid venue.

"Will it be too exaggerated?"

Winnie's first reaction was like this. She clearly said that she wanted to be low-key. But it wasn’t low-key at all!

"No, you deserve it."

Brian also responded in a low voice. If it weren't for the time rush, the venue would be even more sophisticated than it was now.

"I’m even more nervous."

Winnie felt a lot pressure invisibly.

"With us by your side, don't be nervous."

Emily comforted. She also relieved her tension because of the company of friends.

At this time, the host on the stage increased the volume, attracting everyone's attention.

"Today is a special wedding. It’s a collective wedding. There are some good friends discussing it for a long time. But our first couple on stage today are the elders of these couples."

"Let us invite Mr. Rufus Bennet and Ms. Isobel Chambers into the wedding hall with warm applause."

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