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His Choice Forever novel Chapter 22

"I'm sorry but miss Emilia's in coma." That's all it took. I left the hospital to my apartment. I felt hungry but didn't feel like eating. I entered the bathroom and stood under the shower with my clothes still on.

"She's in coma." I said.

"She's in coma"

She's in coma"

"She's in coma!!!" I yelled out loud and slipped slowly down the shower and sat down crying out my heart for the only girl I had ever loved. Emilia Thompson. My first love. I got out of the shower and went to bed, curled up like a ball and cried myself to sleep.




I woke up the next morning after pulling myself together and left to the police station. I met a woman at the reception and as she noticed me, she gave me that flirtatious look. Oh god.

"Good morning Mr. Ryder" sh3 purrs out and I have her a fake smile.

"Good morning. Please could you show me where the girls that were brought in yesterday are?" I asked and she nodded, then winked at me.

"Follow me " she drawls out and I thank her once more. I turned the doorknob and entered and all heads shot up. I looked at Taylor and saw she had been crying all night and looked like she hasn't been eating. She looked so dead. I looked at jasmine and saw she was kind of smiling which was creepy and I looked at Ashley and she was smirking.

"Taylor why did you do it?" I tried to yell but it just came out broken.

"Scott, I- I didn't me-mean to do it. I regret doing what I did Scott. I mean she had you, she had Blake too bu-but no one-no one wanted me. No one loved me. I'm really sorry. I swear I didn't mean to do it Scott. Please forgive me. I'm sorry." She said and then looked like she was about to cry but held it in. I immediately felt what she felt but its not Emilia's fault. Who won't want yo have her. She was beautiful, she was smart, she was everything a man could ever ask for from a woman and that's why I still love her. I still love Emilia Thompson. I looked at Jasmine.

"Why did you do it Jasmine and your even a drug dealer for chrissakes Jasmine. I loved you like a sister. Why, why?" I asked almost on the verge of crying but held it in.

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