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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 10


*****FIONA'S POV*****

I quickly covered my mouth, I looked around to check if someone was watching. I decided against opening the mail until I got home.

I got down from my car, and swiftly but safely crossed over to the salon. For me, actually this is the best salon ever, where you're sure of the best hair treatment.

I wanted something short and curly, I couldn't even remember when last I came here, it's either am too busy or I just feel reluctant to redo my hair.

I ain't the obsessed kinda fashion freak, but today I just felt like it's been long since I last made my hair.

My mind said it's because of him, but, I just waved it off.

"Hey Fiona, how are you doing, it's been long as fuck, you just suddenly stopped coming here, any problem?", my friend Selat said.

"Not exactly dear, I'm just so preoccupied, so I've got no time for myself, and you know am not the fashion freak", I replied her.

This lady never stops poke nosing, I don't know if it's just me, or if there are other people.

I was done with my hair, I had chosen a red and white spray to go along with it, that's actually my color taste.

I remembered someone telling me how the color red, looks on me, it helps in highlighting my very white pale skin.

It was him, he told me that, the second time I was told to lap dance for Khalid, Rashid had ordered me to do so.

I blushed at the thought, I could still remember how rock hard he had been, but sorry for me, I never got to taste his dick.

I payed the girls, I remembered the mail, he said something about wanting to see me the following week. I thought of buying a new dress. As this is the only opportunity I have.

I went into a shopping mall, I hadn't even gone far when I saw the price tag of one of the dresses, it wore on it a price tag of ten thousand USD Dollars.

I was flabbergasted, as the only money in my account is twenty three thousand USD Dollars.

I wanted to walk out, but I remembered I was doing this for him. I went to the dress part of the shopping mall, there was this dress that caught my attention.

It was a red strapless gown, which had a circular opening at both sides, the front of the dress was a see through, as the only side that was closed was the side of the nipple and the vagina area.

I loved the dress instantly, it was a dress to kill, let me see how long he would hold on to his manly control. I wanted a shoe to match it.

On the opposite side of the dress section of the mall, is the section for shoes, I went over and picked a stilleto heel with a very pointed tip.

It costed one thousand and five hundred us dollars, I took it. After my stuffs were summed up, I quickly paid and left.

The meeting is gonna be two weeks from now I hope I'm gonna be so prepared and be his everything nice.

I went back into the car, checked the mail and muttered," this is even better and bigger than I had thought", I drove off immediately.


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