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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 23



We came back late last two weeks friday, we actually went to a relaxation centre, it was actually a beach.

According to Logan, it's cool at night, due to the waves of the sea and how silent it is.

Now back to what I Saw, the lady that was putting on a show for the whole college students and other people living in the estate.

I have only one thing in mind and that is to find out everything about her family, where they live, if they are well to do, their occupation, and whatsoever thing I might want to know about them.

I intend on doing it to know if it's a heritage from her family, to put on adult shows for people without their consent, not like she looks like all these bitches.

I just want to know more about her.

I called on my personal bodyguard to find out about her, "Hey go the upper floor and call Dargok for me, tell him I demand his presence right now, quickly go", I told one of the bodyguards.

It didn't reach up to three minutes before I saw Dargok alighting from the stairs.

Actually I came alone to Jamaica with my personal assistant, but after two weeks, Dargok had called and told me, he needed to come down to Jamaica and stay with me.

I had bluntly refused, because I knew how much he had suffered for me, I didn't want him going extra miles just for me.

I was still on the phone, unknown to me that he wasn't actually asking for my permission, he was only telling me that he was in front of my gate.

I was dumbfounded, I was still on the call session with him, when the door opened, and I saw him.

I wasn't angry, No, I was only mad at myself for making him see me as his duty and obligation.

"Hey Dargok, if you don't mind, you know the lady living in my supposed to be apartment, it's the last one along the other side.

Now you know what I want you to do?", I asked him.

"No Sir, but anything sir, anything at all, I don't know the lady but I know the apartment", I stated.

"That's good, you better not know her, No, you can know her as the lady living in my apartment, but not as a lady in the other way round", I looked up and grinned at him.

I brought out a stick of cigarette from the pack, and told Dargok to light it for me.

Dargok just gave me a knowing smile.

"Definitely Sir, just as the lady that crashes in your apartment", he replied.

"Now, I want you to find out everything thing about her,both little and big, I mean everything", I stayed matter of factly.

"You mean everything Sir?", He asked.

"Yes everything", I replied.

"Yes Sir, let me get to work immediately", he said.


It's a Saturday morning, no work today, I get to stay all day at home, it's not like am in the mood to go out.

I just want to enjoy the scenery of the estate from the side of my room window, with the chill morning breeze.

I was deep in thought when Dargok entered, "ohhh so fast, thought it would take you a whole lot of time.

Anyways I know you're smarter than this, so what did you find out", I asked him.

"Janelle Parker, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Mark Parker, she's the first and only daughter of the couple.

She has a younger brother whose name is Diaz Parker, a highschool student actually.

She just clocked twenty years last month, which was August, she's actually a college student.

Her family lives in Kingston the capital of Jamaica, her father is a retired airforce officer.


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