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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 26



I wanted to ask her the reason she called me, when my phone went off.

Gawddddddd, I had forgotten to charge it yesterday night. I had come back from classes yesterday evening, because my course was timed for the evening session.

I was so stressed out, that I forgot charging my phone, I woke up in the night to read my books, only to find out that there was no light.

That was just so strange, I didn't expect light not to be that night, as I had grown accustomed to seeing light all through the day.

I kept my phone on the table, I remembered Steff telling me she would be coming to my lodge.

Although that was like 8am in the morning, I guessed she would be doing her morning routine, after all she has all the day to come visiting.

The first day I had gone to her lodge, was the same day I vowed never to put myself in the position of going to see her.

Getting into the gate of their lodge, you could perceive all manner of weed and illegal drugs, which they inhale or take in.

I wasn't mad that they were doing it, I was only sorry for them, because within me they are too young to engage themselves in such illicit things which would definitely make their lives miserable someday.

I am not saying it tho, because I am perfect, No, I don't even think that in my whole life I would ever think of striving to be perfection itself.

I felt like choking, as the smell coming from these drugs were taunting.

I was still trying to make my way through the group of girls talking and chattering while smoking, when I looked up.

Guess who I saw, my course representative, Ben, ohhh myyyy. I never thought in my life that a course representative would ever indulge in such unholy activity.

I laughed inwardly on how our lecturers, praised like alike though, he is god himself.

The look on his face didn't look like someone that cared enough, if what he's doing is wrong or right.

I wanted to wave at him, but on second thoughts, I waved it aside..

I was still thinking about Ben, whom most teachers talked about, on how dedicated he's to study.

I asked a girl who was in a corner doing the normal stuff, which they all seemed as holy, "please can you help me through with steffs' room?", I begged.

She looked at me warily and said, "Dah innocent one huhh", I didn't understood what she said, I just nodded my head.

"Ya came talking about Steff, ya think in ya head, like she's dah only motherfucker that stays here right", she continued.

"I am so sorry, it's Stefflon Douglas, she said it's room two hundred and fifteen, like 215", I decided saying it in numeral cause I didn't think she would understand me.

"Okay, just keep going straight, turn by your left, you will see a t-junction that separates two hostel, the one by your right is Hostel B...."

"Sorry I didn't say hostel B, actually I said Room 215, please, so sorry for the inconveniences tho", I said giving her a puppy eyes.

"Bebe, when next someone is talking, you let him or her to finish up, the hostel by your right, consists of room 101-200.

You get me right now?, You didn't allow me to finish, you claim you don't know the way yet you interrupted when I was just explaining to you the way", she scoffed.

"Oh, my bad, I am so sorry, will get going, thanks for the direction", I thanked her, that was wholeheartedly you know.

I set off for steffs' lodge, damn everywhere just smells so smoky.

It took me about eight minutes before I got to her lodge, I wanted to knock, but I saw that the door was slightly opened, I just let myself in by barging through.

"Heyyyyyyy, while I was waiting for you, you're her doing God knows what, wait!!!!", She was sniffing some white substances.

"What the fuck Steff, what are you doing, do you know how harmful that is, we talked about it the previous day I had seen you sniffing these stuffs in.


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