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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 7


"""Her glance was a mixture of desire and timidity, he didn't want to judge her according to her actions, for the years he had been stalking her, In her room. He only wanted to cherish this moment.


He pressed his hand into the smaller of her back and pulled her still closer, causing the lower part of his body to twitch in excitement and yearning for this little woman.

He was aware of his male hardness swelling inside his tight breeches, his male hardness was strained like a mad thing to get ever close, he wants to be fully sated between her legs.

He wasn't the only one feeling so lightheaded, she also, felt the same way, as he saw how her eyes were lidded with desire and passion for him, her lips were slightly open as her nostrils weren't enough for the passage of air into her lungs.

He laughed an exultant laugh as he swept her off her feet to the bed, he sat her down on the tip if the bedpost as he moved urgently away.

He began unfastening the bodice of her short gown, when he saw he couldn't bear the pain of watching her innocent face, he roughly yanked the bodice of her short red gown and tore off her chemise.

He quickly went to the hook of her bra to unfasten it, immediately her breasts sprang free of the bra to be welcomed by a full and caramel colored breast with a pink tipped nipple.

He pulled her nipple into his mouth and suckled gently, like a baby who was trying to savour the taste of his mother's breast.

He laid his hands on each side of her head and looked down at her full black hair. He was overcome by a wave of tenderness on how young and vulnerable she looked with his mouth, contentedly busy on her nipple.

He unfastened the tight waistband of her underwear and then pulled it down, to let it drop on the floor.

Just when he saw how eager she was to touch his cock, he lifted her hand to bring it to the front of his trouser, to show her how hard he was for her. He woke up.


He woke up to find something snuggled to the down part of him, he checked and noticed it was his cat, thelma. He growled harshly, picked her up from the bed and dropped her in her cot.

He heard the rumbling of thunder and sighed, knowing the reason why the cat climbed up the bed was for warmth, and her fear for thunder and lightening.

He dropped her in her cot and brought from his wardrobe, a small pink blanket, which he used in covering her up.

He went to lay down back on the bed, reminiscing on the dream he had earlier, he then went to the library in his room to bring out the journal which his personal assistant had given him over the weekend concerning the business proposal brought by one of the shareholders, after going through it, he left for his bed, shut his eyes close and went back to sleep.


"Where are the ladies I ordered that maid to call out, I need to go somewhere, not tomorrow but today as it's very important", she muttered quietly.

She was happy with the way things were going in the palace, the king is trusting most important roles and duties meant for the king to her. He is so good to me but I won't allow what I have fought for, for all these years to go down the lane.

Maybe I should just leave the meeting I have with him until next week, because I have to keep an eye on all the new recruits for the role of palace maid.

She looked up to see the chief maid arriving with the new wanna be recruits. When the chief maid was close enough she ordered her to take them to the waiting room as she's gonna be there in the next few minutes.

"Okay girls, we are gonna be heading to the waiting room, and remember, the office of the royal maid just need ten more people, y'all should give it your best and remember, the Queen, gets easily and highly irritated.


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