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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 10

We see what we expect.

Andrew Malan’s pants are taken off. He is pulling that woman’s head toward his dick.

Shit! Gross!


Mindy Sue spits on the floor. She feels as disgusting as I do.

Seeing us rush in, Andrew Malan is stunned. He pulls up his pants quickly and looks at us in panic.

“What...what are you doing here.”

I glance at his limp crotch and say scornfully, “We come here to see how you cheated on me. You are so gross. I already shoot the picture as evidence. Just wait for my sue for divorce.”

I leave the words and take Mindy Sue to leave quickly.

Andrew Malan beats women. I am not an idiot just standing there waiting for him realizing and beating me.

After revenging, I hand the evidence to the lawyer. I take out my business clothes for tomorrow, and prepare for the first day at work.

I am employed by Song Group, the second financial group in New Scott. I am a little surprised to be able to work at this company.

My job is at Design Department. At the beginning, I am just responsible for some odds and ends. But I am happy to change to a new job.

That day, I finish my work and go into the elevator.

There is a man standing in the elevator. He is in leisure suit with his hands in the pockets. He looks like a dandiacal playboy.

I am going to fetch a file on the tenth floor, so I press “10”.

The man’s lazy voice comes from my back.

“Floor 9.”

I check. “9” is not pressed. What does he mean? He wants me to press 9?

My phone rings. A strange number. I just come to this company and haven't file anyone at work yet. I am afraid that some is looking for me, so I pick up.

“Finally, you answer.” It is Andrew Malan! I hang up at once.

I blacklist Andrew Malan. Not only his number, but also Susan Felton’s and my parents’. I am afraid that they would find me. All I want is to hide away.

I don't want them to find me before the divorce.


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