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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 3

His words are cold and resolute, with unquestionable deterrence.

This man has a powerful aura!

But I know that if I got off now, I would definitely be dead. This man can't be such horrified to kill me.

“Please drive.”

I glance anxiously out of the window and find Andrew Malan and Susan Felton have already come over. The door is unlocked. As long as they

open the door, they can easily drag me out.

Now I rest all my hopes on that man.

He turns over looking at me and smiles. I feel that my heartbeat is missing for half a beat.

“Why would I help you?”

I am so anxious, but he still looks unhurried and relaxed.

Susan Felton comes to the car first and pulls the door violently.

“If you helped me, I will be yours tonight!” I say and hold the door tightly.

The man sneers and says nothing. But I can still read disdain on his face.

That's right, with handsome appearance and driving this car, what kind of women he can't get? How could he like me?

“Jane Noyes, get out! When did you hook up with this guy? Get out!”

Andrew Malan kicks the door outrageously.

Under this circumstance, if I don’t get out, he could smash the car.


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