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In My Desperate Time novel Chapter 4

That's better. Otherwise it might be awkward.

I drag my aching and sour body out of bed. I don't dare go home, so I go to the company after washing a little bit.

I have decided to divorce after last night. I have already lost my family; I can't lose my job.

I work as a clerk at a foreign trade company. I don't like this job very much, and the salary is not high, but at least it is stable. I am a designer before, well paid but tired. Andrew Malan doesn't want me to work so hard after getting married, so I changed my job.

Now I realize that male chauvinist just can’t stand that I earn more than him. I would never change my job if I have known that he is such a scumbag.

My phone is out of power and shuts down automatically last night. I charge the phone and there are dozens of missed calls and many messages sent from Andrew Malan.

I still hope a little.

If he apologizes, if he begs my forgiveness, I may forgive him. But my heart goes dead seeing his messages.

“Bitch, come back! Or I will make you regret!”

“You dare fuck another man behind my back! How dare you ignore my existence!”

“You horny bitch! You should be raped by those people then!”


I don't want to read more.

I put the phone on the desk and start to work, but I just can’t concentrate.

I begin to think about the man last night.


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