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I've Been There Before (Grace and Caden) novel Chapter 20


Allured by Queena, this libidinous Mr. Zavier had no sympathy to spare for Grace, and agreed forthrightly, “Well, it's at your disposal.” As he was

speaking, his hairy hands cruised on Queenas thighs.


“Yuck, don't blame me not for being benevolent.” Mr. Zavier took out a stack of notes, which were roughly worthy of 50,000 CNY, from his black briefcase and added, “1,000 for a song. lf you sing 10 songs, you can take 10,000; if you sing 20 songs, you'll get 20,000; and if you can sing 50 Songs, you can take all.” But it took at least three hours to sing 50 songs.


“Oh, Mr. Zavier, why will you reward her so much?”


“Dearie, I'll give you more later." He curled his lips into a charming smile, of course only he himself thought so, and added, “Sweetie, don't hurry,I will also gift you the most essential and precious thing of my body."


“Oh, Mr. Zavier, you are so bad.” Queena got up from Mr. Zavier and headed towards the machine swing her waist, and then added several songs to the list.


After finishing it, she slowly and charmingly walked towards Mr. Zavier.


Grace picked up the microphone... When she saw that the first song was “Qinghai-Tibet Plateaư, she was petrified. Then she saw that the second song was 'Death Love, and the third song was “Eighteen Curve of Hill Pathí... As Grace scrolled down, she gradually accepted these high-pitch songs selected by Queena.


Queena wanted to completely ruin her voice today.


lf something had not happened to her voice, the songs she sang would be so pleasant to ears. But now, her voice was ruined. When the rough Sound rang out in the room, Mr. Zavier immediately furrowed his eyebrows into a knit, while Queena Grace sang one song after another, yet no one was listening to them. Mr. Zavier was watching movie with Queen in his arms, while Queena was playing a mobile game.


None of them had asked Grace to stop, so Grace had to continue to sing, until she found her voice couldn't work.


Although with a microphone, her voice was almost inaudible. Grace ignored the pain on her legs and continued to sing those high-pitch songs.


“All right, pretty much.” Mr. Zavier suddenly stood up from sofa, pulled out the earplugs, and looked at Grace with his eyebrows furrowed, “You can take all the money on the table.”


Queena swiftly stood up, “Mr. Zavier, she hasn't finished all songs."


“All right, sweetie, come on, I dort want to torture my ears with sụch scrannel songs, and her voice is disappearing. The night of rendezvous is always too short, now l want to enjoy my time of being your “hubby'”


Although Queena was still unsatisfied, she was not that stupid to offend her sugar daddy. She blushed and looked down, and nestled in his arms, fawning, “Mr. Zavier, oh~”


“don't call me Mr. Zavier, call me hubby. Go, let's come to our ˆwedding room'” After finishing the words, Mr. Zavier carried Queena, who grumbled flirtingly because of his action, and left the room.


When they passed Grace, Queena said complacently, “Although your voice was disappearing, it became more pleasant to ears after singing these songs. You should praise me for the idea. l asked you to sing the songs and therefore your voice became pleasant.”


Grace didn't reply. When Queena stepped out of the room, Grace finally failed to support herself with her legs... “Bang!” With a loud sound, she slumped onto the ground.


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