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I've Been There Before (Grace and Caden) novel Chapter 3


Three years later.


The gate of the women's prison in City opened. A woman slowly walked out after a short while.


The woman looked ridiculously thin with the white dress in her. The dress was the same as that day when she was sent to the women's prison three years ago. With the dress in her, she was like putting on a big sack.


She walked slowly, step by step towards the platform more than 100 meters away. She was carrying a black plastic bag with 6 dollar and 5 cents and an ID card in it.


In the hot summer, she was walking on the gravel road. Today's temperature was at least 91.4 F. The woman walked under the sun, but she had no a drop of sweat.


There were bruises on the pale skin. Even on the face which was near the hairline, there was a scar about three centimeters in length, which was very obtrusive.


When the bus came, the woman got on the bus and carefully took out a coin from the black plastic bag and put it into the coin box of the bus.

There was no one on the bus. The driver took a look at her, and then looked away in disgust... The people who got on the bus here were all prisoners in the prison. How could they be good people?


The woman didn't seem to see the driver's eyes. She walked to the back seat of the bus. She chose a seat to sit down, trying not to attract attention.


As the car was driving, she looked out the window along the way... Three years had changed a lot.


She sneered... Yes, three years, not only the world outside the prison had changed a lot but her.


When the bus drove to a bustling area, she suddenly got a shock... After she was released from the prison, where should she go?


Suddenly, she realized an imminent fact that she had nowhere to go.


Opened the black plastic bag, she counted the 5 dollar and five cents left in it carefully three times...What would she do in the future?


Not far from the roadside, the recruitment information attracted her attention.


"Sir, I want to get off the car. Please open the car door.' Three years of jail life made her arrogance disappear. When she spoke to others, she was always lacking confidence.


The driver complained and opened the door. She thanked the driver and got out of the car.


She walked to the big picture of recruitment information. After looking for a while, her eyes fell on the words 'cleaner" and the words "bed-and- lunch free."


She had no family, no files, no education, and had been in jail... She was afraid even if she wanted to be a cleaner, the company wouldn't want her. But... holding the only 5 dollars and five cents left in her hand tightly, she gritted her teeth and walked into this nightclub called "Royal Club”. As Soon as she entered, Grace shivered. The air-conditioning made her tremble with cold.


"Name.' The woman said impatiently.


"Grace .James.' The rough voice sounded slowly. The gorgeous woman who was holding a pen to record the information shuddered. The gel pen in her hand almost fell off the table. She asked Grace dissatisfiedly, "Why is your voice so terrible? ˆ


After three years of hell life in prison, Grace was accustomed to be lukewarm. Even if others had bluntly criticized her voice was unpleasant to ears, she still spoke slowly like a person with no temper. "I†s hurt by the smoke."


The gorgeous-looking woman was slightly surprised, her inquiring eyes fell on Grace's face, "Fire?"


"Yeah, fire.' After speaking, Grace lowered her eyelids faintly........ It was just a fire caused by deliberate arson.


Seeing that Grace didn't want to say more and was boring, the gorgeous woman frowned and said, “Tsk-tsk, Royal Club is not an ordinary entertainment club. The guests coming here are not ordinary guests.' She looked Grace up and down again. She did not hide her disgust. She obviously looked down on Grace who was like wearing a sack, and the white dress in her hadn't known how long she had worn it. The white turned yellow.



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