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Marked By The Billionaire novel Chapter 4

It was normal for her to forget him, for she was completely drunk last night. But he did not have a single drink, and remembered every detail of the night before.

The woman pushed him over on the bed, and they kissed passionately with their tongues and mouths. His clothes were almost taken off, and he had meant to roll over in bed but unexpectedly the woman puked over his whole body after drinking too much.

He had no alternative but to control his bad temper and take care of the comatose woman all night.

It was time to get a little reward.

Lucy tried to catch her breath, but it did not reduce the sensation of choking. Her consciousness was in confusion. She feared that she would have fallen on the ground, if she didn’t grasp the railing.

The man stepped close to her again, with his chest pressed into her back, delivering his body temperature.

Lucy tried to move her body, and accidentally touched him with her hand.

There was nothing in the pockets of his suit, so the pockets of his trouser should have something.

Lucy’s brain was clouded, and she was not aware of her hands had reached between the man’s legs.

William grasped her hands and held them still, saying in a low voice, “Don’t move!”

Lucy showed the whites of her eyes. She just wanted to find her cellphone. She froze in place and couldn’t do anything, not even speak.

“Don’t be rude.” William took her by her hand and kneaded it, “Or do you want to play with fire?”

He made himself abundantly clear about his lust.

His strong arm pulled her aside and he circled it around her soft, delicate waist.

There was something hot and erect touching her stomach, which made her come to her senses in an instant

To her surprise, she’d met a pervert!

Never in her wildest dreams did she think he’d be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Lucy lifted her head and pushed William back, but wasn’t strong enough to do so. She ended up in his chest instead.

It was as if she gave herself freely to the man.

William lowered his head to bite her ear lobe.

His hands moved to her chests and squeezed her breasts.

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