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Marked By The Billionaire novel Chapter 6

Lucy did not turn her head and only heard the voice, but she could tell the voice was from the man who had violated her in the elevator.

With a grin hovering in the corners of his eyes, William George pressed his naked body close to Lucy.

He had meant to leave after changing his clothes but had a glanced at his bruises unconsciously, and delayed putting them on.

She broke into the room as a complete surprise.

His hot breath hit her ears, and her body went stiff.

William smiled more obviously, and was exceptionally contented with this result. He was close to Lucy and nearly bit her white neck. “Let’s continue what we started.”

Lucy looked frustrated and turned back slowly, but when she saw William, she changed her expression in an instant. Her eyes were nearly dripping tears and she looked very pretty and charming.

Her delicate, pink lip opened slightly, and she reached out her slender, white fingers to draw lines on his chest. “Let’s continue to have sex, and enjoy your body.

The last two words were stressed in tone, and she swung her bag forward in a violent rage to hit his head.

“I let you taste my body!” she yelled, striking him with her bag. When she saw there was a swollen bruise on his forehead, she stopped.

“It felt good!”

William looked dully at her.

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets, it was wrong to take actions.

Lucy swung her bag and hit him again.

William knew that there were so many women who wanted to have sex with him. Even if they were just one night stands, they still needed it.

What he did to Lucy became an immoral behavior, and she took actions against him.

He touched the swollen bruise on his head, “You are a real fiery little pepper.”

William smiled and raised his lips, “I like it.”

Nobody had ever interested him as much. Lucy was the first one.

Lucy couldn’t stay at the hospital, so she ran downstairs and tried to stop a taxi.

When she arrived at her door, turning the key two times to open it, she noticed the familiar decorations and smell. Lucy breathed a sigh of relief in the end.

She thought of the man and gave a shudder. She could have been raped by the man if she hadn’t run away with her quick wits.

Chapter 6: Let’s Continue What We Started 1

Chapter 6: Let’s Continue What We Started 2


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