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Marked By The Billionaire novel Chapter 8

She held the phone in one hand, and the information on the other hand. She was vexed, “Mom, I am busy today, but free tomorrow. I promise I will go to the hospital tomorrow!”

Her mother refused instantly. “No way, this is not negotiable! Every time you promise tomorrow you break your promise. Since you are so disobedient, I will change my clothes and come to your company!”

“No!” Lucy was so frightened that she stiffened her back upon hearing her mother’s threat. “Mom, I was on my way to check, you must not come here!”

Lucy’s birth could be described as a series of twists and turns. Her mom was more than 30, too old. When she was about to give birth, her mother was in labor for two hours, but she still didn’t come.

The doctor and her father were so worried, that they tore their hair out. Luckily, half an hour later, Lucy was born and both were safe.

But there were many problems when her mother went into labor, and as a result, she became sick.

Since then, her mom’s legs had been more accurate than the weather forecast. She could always tell when it was about to rain, and her legs became numb and painful.

As she got older, her condition became worse.

Lucy was the culprit of her mother’s disease, so it was impossible for Lucy to let her mother run back and forth across the city.

Besides, there was a long distance between them, almost two and a half hours. Her mother was also thrifty and reluctant to take a taxi.

The subways and buses in New York were crowded, and Lucy did not want her mom standing for two hours. As for her manager…

After hanging up, Lucy put down the folder with a headache, and said to her colleague, “If the manager comes by, please ask for a leave of absence for me,, it’s urgent and I have to go out.”

Her colleague looked surprised. “Are you not afraid of being fired? You must understand the importance of this list, because of them the manager…”

Before she had finished talking, she was interrupted by Lucy. Lucy twitched her mouth and said, “The list is gone, let the company fire me.”

Grabbing her bag and ignoring the stares of the people around her, she trotted out of the company.

Her mother called again as she arrived at the central hospital.

“Dear daughter, the appointment I’ve made is better than the last one. I hear he is the best oncology expert in the hospital. You should cooperate with him.”

Lucy talked to her mother on the phone as she searched around for the correct office in the hospital.

Her mother noticed that Lucy was absent-minded, and then said “don’t forget to tell me the result of the test.” She then hung up.

She got all the way to the end of the corridor, but still couldn’t find the room for the breast exams. Just then a young nurse came up the stairs, and Lucy ran over to inquire.

“Excuse me, could you help me find the breast exam office?”

The nurse was confused and told her to search for it downstairs

Lucy hurried to repeat what her mother had told her before.

“Were you sure you found an expert named William?”

Lucy thought about it, and nodded her head.

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