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Mommy's Sweet Sweet Revenge novel Chapter 14

After another failed attempt of calling Kaylee, I end the call before the beep of her voice mail. "What are we going to do teddy?" I whisper to my only companion at the moment. I sigh and start to tear up. "I think I miss Kaylee.." I sob into my teddy bear and swallow the lump in my throat hard. "I was a terrible boyfriend and now I'm a terrible little boy." I cry into teddy for a bit before a strike of lightning hits the window and makes me jump. "You know what? I'm sick of running! I'm sick of always giving up! For once..for once I'm going to fight back even when the going gets tough." At that I slip on a hoodie and place teddy in the pocket. I pack some things in my backpack, lace up my sneakers and head for the other side of town.1

I slowly open my door and quietly make my way down the hall. I really don't want to deal with Ethan again. I make my way down the stairs and hear a creek of a door opening, I make a run for the main road. Why am I running? This is college, I can leave whenever I want. I try to reason with myself but my adrenaline is kicked up to the highest notch and I can feel the energy flow all around my body. I couldn't stop running even if I tried. I felt like Forrest Gump, running across the country, not stopping for anything.

After about 20 minutes of non stop running my body decides to give up on me. "Dammit I told you to save your engery!" I lean down and hold my knees. My clothes are dripping from the rain, I'm breathing heavy and coughing up a lung, I pat my chest a few times, I almost feel like a wind up doll, patting my chest to get the air in as if someones turning a crank on my back to get me started back up. That's when I noticed. I rub my sweaty hands down my stomach and feel a flat pocket. "Teddy.." was all I could mutter out between heavy breaths and coughs. I throw my backpack down and sit on top of it, right before kicking it a bit in frustration. "I'm half way there, how could I not notice teddy flying out of my pocket? He could be any where!" Why do I even care? It's just a bear! I sigh, the bear Kaylee gave me. I bury my face in my hands, debating on whether to keep going or to go retrace my steps for my lost friend.

I feel a bright light hitting my face, it can't be the sun can it? Have I really been running for hours? I shake my head as the light gets stronger and closer. I look up from my palms and see headlights, dead in front of my face. "Hey!" a male voice yells from the car. I stand up and grab my bag, getting ready to make a run from whatever creep is staring at me in the early hours of the morning. Maybe they think I need help? Either way I wasn't about to stick around to meet this nice stranger or crazy kidnapper. "Landon wait!" I turn around and squint my eyes trying to see who it was, how do they know my name? Okay now I'm really creeped out! I back up a bit when I see, wait teddy? TEDDY?! He's alive! He found me! He- wait no what the hell am I saying? What's wrong with me? I take a step towards the white car and make my way to the front of the hood. I don't care who this is, I want my teddy. I get a bit closer and I see Ethan? Holding my teddy!

"Hey I was getting up to use my bathroom when I saw you walking down the stairs, before I could ask you where you were headed in this storm you ran and dropped this."

He hands me Teddy and I clutch him tight. "I uh thank you" I smile blushing up at my furry friends hero. He's much nicer sober.

"Sorry if this was creepy, I just know how little boys are with out their stuffies so I had to follow you and you wouldn't stop running so I-"

My jaw drops. Little boy? How does he..I'm not even.. Kaylee made me..He rubs the back of his neck nervously and stutters.

"Sorry I um I thought you were a little, I'm a daddy and well my old little boy used to love his dino and..."

I smile and hug him tight. I don't know what came over me. Am I really a little? Slipping into a head space right now because of a doms presence? Is it because he's a daddy and I see his care giver comfort? He hugs me back and before I know it I'm in his sweatshirt and his passenger seat and were driving towards town.

"Thanks for the ride Ethan I really appreciate it, and the uh shirt" I smile up at him.

"Don't sweat it, I owe you one for my drunken teasing, I just lost my little boy so I'm kind of a mess." He stares at the road while smiling. "Besides you look adorable in my hoodie."

I blush as I fiddle with the long sleeves. Ethans a big guy, I on the other hand have a nice muscle tone but I'm very short for my gender and age. I guess I was born to be a little. I hold Teddy tight as Ethan and I catch up.

I see the town sign and I start to feel the butterflies flutter around in my stomach. "So do you think your mommy will be happy to see you?" My heart drops and I can feel all the blood in my face disappear. Will she be happy? What if she doesn't even want me back? Look at what I've put her through. Ethan must've noticed my sudden distress because he pulls to the side of the road and places the car in park. "What are you..?" He smiles and turns in his seat to face me. "You're an amazing guy Landon, and from what I've seen tonight an adorable little boy, she'd be crazy not to want you back." I blush hard at his words and smile up at him. "Thank you Ethan, so much, for everything." He ruffles my hair and begins to drive again. "Besides, I'm always here if you ever need a daddy." I smirk and look out the window. "I kinda already have someone in mind for you." He narrows his eyebrows but keeps his focus on the road. "Drive now. Questions later." He chuckles and turns up the radio, probably to keep a hold on his curiosities.

After a while of driving and mixed directions he pulls in front of Kaylees. I go to get out but freeze. "It's so early, she's probably sleeping let's just go." Ethan gets out and opens my door. "Not a chance little buddy, you were willing to walk all of this way, in the pouring rain for this girl, go in there and get your Ali my little Noah." Ah notebook reference how could I refuse that one? I smile grab teddy and my bag and get out of the car.

"Hold on bud" Ethan licks his hand and slicks my hair back, making me cringe a bit and pull away. "There you go, you're ready." I smooth out my pants and roll up Ethans sweatshirt sleeves, making my way up the drive way. I look back one more time and see a smiling Ethan giving me two thumbs up. I giggle to myself, take a deep breath and ring the door bell. "One minute!" I hear Kaylee yell. My heart starts beating a million miles a minute and I feel my whole body crunch up. "Oh God what am I doing."+

I back up a bit as she opens the door, a black haired,green eyed boy sits on her hip, snuggling into her. She shushes him and looks down. "How can I help -Landon?!"


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