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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 17

Back home in the evening, after washing up, Vivian poured a cup of hot water and had the medicine.

The last accident caused her to be pregnant. This time, she could not make the same mistake again.

However, that bastard Morris was not human at all.

After having everything done, Vivian lay in bed and browsed her phone for a while before she fell asleep.

Early the next morning, she got up early, made millet porridge and fried vegetables, packed them in lunch boxes, and rode to St. Hospital.

Usually, she could only cook and send meals to her adoptive mother at noon and in the afternoon. But recently, she got off work at 24 o'clock. She was free and could cook and send meals to her in the morning.

Riding on a small electric bike, she carried the lunch boxes to St.Hospital.

In the ward of the inpatient department, the adoptive mother, who was in a dark blue printed chiffon shirt and black trousers, was washing her adoptive father's face .

Her head was already full of silver hair. Time left ruthless marks on her face. The wrinkles on her face became obvious.

"Alas, old man, why haven't you woken up yet? You've had a good time lying on the bed. It's very hard for our daughter. She comes and goes in the wind and rain every day. In addition to working, she has to cook for me three meals a day. I feel so sorry for her."

Her adoptive mother, Jenny Doyle, helped her adoptive father wipe his face as she muttered to herself.

Vivian's nose twitched when she heard that, but she just walked in with a smile. "Mom, what's there to worry about? I have nothing to do. Come and eat."

She put the thermal lunchboxes on the table, took the washing towel from her adoptive mother, and went to the bathroom with the basin.

"Vivian, don't cook for me in the future. I can eat steamed buns in the morning."

St. Hospital was a high-end private hospital, and the surrounding restaurants here were naturally very expensive. In order to save money, Jenny Doyle only ate steamed buns for three meals a day.

Vivian Mond was reluctant to watch her adoptive mother work so hard every day.

"Mom, hurry up and eat. The food will be cold later."

Vivian came out of the bathroom with a bright smile, as if nothing happened to her, "How has my dad been these days?"

"He moves his fingers from time to time. I just don't know when he will wake up. Alas......"

Jenny sighed, unscrewed the heat preservation box and began to eat the millet gruel.

Vivian sat by the bed and massaged Tamsin Mond.

"You see, your father has responded. I am considering to take him back to his hometown these two days."

During eating the meal, Jenny looked at Vivian. "Look at your face. What a beautiful girl you used to be. In order to treat your father and me, you submit to the Lee family and pretended to be ugly. I feel so sorry for you."

Although they moved to St. Hospital, her adoptive parents still thought that the hospital was owned by the Lee family.

"How can you find a boyfriend now that you've become like this?"

In the end, Jenny said, sobbing with tears.

"Oh, Mom, why do you keep saying this? I've told you several times. The Lee family just doesn't want outsiders to know that I look the same as Yoona Lee. I pretend to be ugly because it's convenient for me to go to work. Pretending to be ugly will save me a lot of trouble. Hahaha..."

Vivian smiled.

"That won't do either!"

Jenny pretended to be angry. "Your father is lying on the bed every day. I feel so humiliated here. I will take the old man back to the hometown in two days."

How could she not want to treat Tamsin Mond?

After all, she was old. She and her husband, Tamsin, depended on each other. She was really afraid that he would never wake up someday.

But Jenny could not bear to see her daughter suffer.

"Mom, if you want to go back, go back and rest for a while. I can find a nurse in the hospital."

"Oh, why are you so stubborn? It's settled."



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